Six Weeks

Week six has been nothing but terror. Yesterday, my spotting went away, and I thought everything was great. I had a good day filled with dancing with Callie in the kitchen (now the baby knows his/her mama can’t sing!) and talking to the baby, whom we’ve named Lil’ Geek since Joe’s blog is called Fitness Geek. Everything was great, with the small exception of dealing with the billing department.

When we met up for dinner after our meetings, I started having really bad cramps, like the kind that make you double over in pain, which I probably would have done if I hadn’t been out in public. When we got home and I went to the bathroom, I screamed because I had started bleeding. Not spotting, bleeding. I think that’s the most scared I’ve ever been.

Joe called the on-call doctor, who happened to be one of the residents who’s done a lot of my u/s, and he said that varying amounts of bleeding are normal during the first trimester and, as long as it didn’t get worse by today (as in full on period bleeding) then they won’t be worried. I, of course, was ready to head to the hospital to get a scan done, but the doctor told Joe unless I was in the middle of a miscarriage we wouldn’t really see anything different.

We spent last night crying (ok, I was the only one crying), praying for God to keep Lil’ Geek safe and trying to take our minds off everything by watching the Biggest Loser. I’m surprised either of us got any sleep last night, but we did, and this morning when I first checked everything was gone. Then, when I went to the bathroom a second time there was some brown (old blood…a good sign), and now it all seems to be gone again.

I’m taking today off work. I think I need to just take it easy today and take good care of Lil’ Geek. Part of me feels that I could have caused this bleeding by trying to do too much.

On a different note, I have gotten a lump under my skin from the progesterone shots. I was hoping to avoid this, but I have slacked off in using my heating pad lately, so I guess I asked for it. Boy, is my butt sore right now, though!

Oh, and my morning sickness seems to have gone away, which freaks me out because I’ve read that the absence of pregnancy symptoms means a miscarriage could be occuring. And, I can’t remember if I’ve had the incredible fatigue in the afternoons. My boobs, however, are still so sore that it hurts to sleep on my side. Someone please let me know that these disappearing symptoms are normal at this stage in the game!

I can’t wait until Friday’s u/s. The doctor told Joe last night we might not see the heartbeat, but I’m praying that we do. I need to see that to ease my mind.


Everything appears to be normal today. During the u/s, the sonographer pointed out the distinctive gestational and yolk sacs but said it was too early to see the baby. However, everything was right where it should be (no ectopic pregnancy), and she said my u/s is one that would be seen in a textbook for 5w5d. She said 90 percent of women spot during the first trimester and that today’s u/s was to make sure everything was positioned correctly.

I, of course, was still not too comforted because I wanted to see my baby. I asked several questions, including what it would look like if I was miscarrying (the gestational sac would be smushed rather than “perfect” like mine is), and I think the sonographer tattled on me because after I got dressed, the IVF coordinator came in and gave me a lecture about freaking out and worrying too much. Doesn’t she understand I’m going to worry throughout the first trimester??

There’s a reason why that woman scares me. I always seem to get in trouble with her. When we left the office, Joe said, “You’re in TROUBLE. You have to go to time out.”

So all is well so far. We go back for our regularly scheduled u/s on Friday when we are supposed to see the heartbeat. It amazes me that the baby can grow that much in just a few days.

Freaking Out

I just started spotting tonight. I’m freaking out that this means I’m having a miscarriage. I really hope they’ll let me have my ultrasound early because I need to know one way or the other. I definitely cannot wait until Friday now. Do any of you know if this is normal??

Getting on a Schedule

I thought I had the whole morning sickness thing down. Every day it’s hit around 10 a.m. and lasted for a couple of hours, vanishing by early afternoon. And, it’s been light…nothing a few saltines and a can of ginger ale can’t handle.

I guess Baby thinks he/she has been too nice to me. Today, it started up around 8 a.m., while I was in the shower. And boy, was it bad. But, as I joked to Joe, there’s not much of a better place to throw up. I got so nauseous and dizzy that I had to hurry through and get back in bed for an hour, where I nibbled on crackers and sipped my ginger ale, until I had to get ready for work.

And, today it lasted until, oh, around 1 p.m. or so. Hooray. On the bright side, if it subsides by at least 1 p.m., I’ll be fine since it won’t affect me at work. That would be nice. I would much rather feel miserable at home where I can climb into bed or collapse on the couch.

So, really? Six more weeks of this?? Come on Baby, give your Mama a break!

Birth Announcements

I’ve realized that I have a lot of time to just sit here, surf the Internet and think of things I want to do or buy for this baby. I feel like I’m jumping the gun since I’m barely almost six weeks along, but it’s helping me pass the time until next week’s ultrasound without going crazy. And, as long as I’m just looking and making notes about what I like but not *buying* anything, I think I’m in good shape.

One thing I’ve been thinking about is what to do for birth announcements. I’d love to make them myself, but we’re going to have so many to send that I just don’t know if I’d be able to do it right now. Plus, we want to include a picture. I’ve seen some cute announcements on various Web sites, but I’ve also thought about doing birth announcement magnets. One of our friends used magnets to announce the birth of his daughter, and we still have it up on our fridge. In fact, they now send a magnet with an updated picture of their daughter every year with their Christmas cards. I think it’s a cute idea, and we have both of them now stuck to our fridge. I’m wondering if magnets would be something that more people would be apt to keep up on their fridge longer than a picture or a photo announcement. And, I like the fact that not many people use magnets for their birth announcements because, really, who wants to be like everyone else?? Plus, who doesn’t like extra magnets to use to adhere papers to the fridge.

So, here’s my question to all of you: Did you do birth announcements? If so, what did you do for yours? And what do you think of the magnet idea?

Ginger Ale and Saltines: My New BFFs

Hello, morning sickness. It’s nice to meet you. I’m glad you showed up because it means my baby’s alive and kicking, but I sure hope you don’t stay long!

Holy cow, am I sick today. It started right after the city council meeting I covered this morning. Up until now, I’ve had only two bouts of nausea, both of which were from food aversions. Today, though, was full on, unprovoked nausea. I’m nursing a ginger ale and nibbling on Saltines, neither of which are helping.

I’ve had friends say that morning sickness usually doesn’t kick in until week 6, but I’ve been looking online and seen that, while it can hit anytime during the beginning of the pregnancy, it’s more likely during week 5 or 6. I’m 5 weeks and 2 days today. I guess my baby’s just a little overachiever.

Really, though, I welcome this. It means things are going on inside my belly and that my baby is growing. I can’t wait to see it next week on the ultrasound. Seeing that heartbeat will really put my mind at ease.