The Beginning: Starting Preschool

IMAG3402Last week was Lucy’s first week of preschool. And, let me tell you, she LOVES school. There are 10 kids in her class, and she has a wonderful teacher whom Lucy adores.

The first day was hard for both me and Joe. We were strong, though, and neither of us shed a tear. I was pretty proud of myself. Joe took the day off, and we both took Lucy to school. Then, we headed to Chick-fil-A for a breakfast date – the first time we’ve done that in a LONG time. It was really nice. Then, we ran errands until it was time to pick up our girl.

I think it was good to have a busy day. I needed distraction. And, every day since has been easier. Some days, I am even grateful for the 3 hours she’s in school because I’m able to work in peace. That rarely happens when she’s home.

The first couple of weeks has also been full of traumatic experiences for Lucy; you know – kids taking her cookies at snack time and her blocks at play time. Typical 3-year-old drama. It’s tough being a preschooler!

And then, there was this – Joe took Lucy to school yesterday, and a girl in her class was walking in ahead of them with her dad. Want to hear how this went down? Trust me, you do.

Joe: Is she in your class?
Lucy: Yeah. But, she’s not my best friend. SHE STOLE MY COOKIES.
Joe: Lucy. Shhh.

That happened the first day. My kid holds a grudge like no one’s business. Seriously.

I’m grateful for all these funny stories. I’m grateful for all the artwork she brings home. And, most of all, I’m grateful for the experiences she’s having that are helping her grow. It’s going to be a great year!

On Becoming the Mother of a Preschooler

Tomorrow, my kiddo starts preschool. I’m holding up well – for now.

While I was rocking her tonight, I told Lucy how I’m probably going to cry tomorrow when we take her to school for the first time. Her response? “Don’t cry! I have to grow up, Mommy. I have to be 4!”

Sometimes, I feel like I’m just not going to deal well with her growing up. I want her to stay my little baby girl forever, and this is the first step of her becoming, well, my big girl. Obviously, she can’t stay a baby forever, but I can hope, right?

Lucy is SO excited to start school, and I am so happy to see her so excited. She will do amazingly well – I just know it. She’s so smart and sociable – this is just what she needs. But, tomorrow will be hard. Just as starting Pre-K next year will be hard. And, Kindergarten? I don’t even want to think about that yet.

I know I’ll cry tomorrow. It’s natural. But, I will be SO excited to hear all about her day when we pick her up. I know she’s going to have a blast!

Tomorrow, I’ll have first day of school pics of our big girl!

The Rocking Chair

Last night, I rocked my daughter.

That may not sound like a big deal, but in our house, it is. You see, ever since Lucy was a baby, it was her Daddy who rocked her. I was lucky in that every time she woke up (which was usually once a night), Joe would get up with her and let me sleep. I was grateful because, unlike other new mothers, I was well-rested. But, as Lucy grew older, I realized it had its drawbacks.

At bedtime, it’s Daddy who Lucy wants to rub her back or to rock her. She never wants Mommy and, if I even dare to try to take Daddy’s place, she cries for him. When she wakes up at night or in the morning, it’s Daddy she calls for.

So, every night for the last  three years, it’s been Joe who has rocked our daughter before bed.

Until last night. Sure, it took some coaxing from Daddy who was required to sit on the floor by Lucy’s bed. But it’s OK. Because last night I rocked my daughter.

Toy Question

Do any of you have toy cash registers for your kids? Lucy played with one at a play area last week, and she seemed to like the cash drawer a little bit (once she figured out how it worked, that is), but I wonder if she would actually play with one if I got her one. It always frustrates me when I buy her a toy she likes and then she won’t play with it when she has one of her own! Thoughts?

Heading toward Potty Training

I think Lucy might be getting ready to start potty training. The other day, she pulled off her diaper, and when I asked if she had to go potty, she ran into the bathroom and pointed at the toilet. I sat her on it, but she didn’t do anything. However, I wonder if that means she’s inching toward being ready to start potty training.

We’ve talked about getting a potty to keep in the bathroom for her to sit on, but as we thought about it, we realized we’d have to clean poop out of it, which isn’t really appealing. 🙂 So, we’ve been thinking recently about getting a potty seat to put on our toilet and then get one of those step stools with handles so Lucy can climb up on it. I wonder how feasible that would be, though, since our house only has one bathroom.

What did you do when you started potty training? Did you use a little potty or a potty seat on your toilet?

The Battle of the Sippy Cup

We are starting the process of trying to get Lucy to drink out of a sippy cup. Our pediatrician says she wants Lucy off formula and on milk by 11 1/2 months, which gives us about 1 1/2 months now to get Lucy transitioned to a sippy cup. I’m sure it’s not a big deal if she stays on formula a little longer but, honestly, I’m ready to stop buying formula! It gets quite expensive.

We’ve tried several kinds of sippy cups. We’ve tried putting her formula in her sippy cup. The latter has gotten her to drink a tad from it, but she’d rather starve at this point than use a sippy cup. The odd thing is that she will drink and drink from a sippy cup with our babysitter’s daughter. I don’t get it!

However, while she won’t drink from it yet, she will pick it up off the floor, bring it to her mouth and then chew on it. At least she can do that, huh??

So, now I’m looking for some advice. What are some tricks you guys used to get your kids to drink from a sippy cup?