Sick Baby

Lucy has RSV. I’m sure glad I went with my gut and had Joe take her to the doctor today to have her congestion and coughing checked out. I thought the coughing was caused by dust from our ceiling collapse (more on that later), but I guess I was wrong. She hasn’t eaten much in the last day or so, something I chalked up to the trouble breathing through her nose, but I guess that’s one of the symptoms. She’s also been wheezing. So, she’s on steroids twice a day and every third bottle needs to be Pedialyte. If her breathing gets any worse, the doctor said we need to take her to the children’s hospital in Atlanta. Just the mention of that has me freaking out. I know that RSV is common, but that doesn’t really make me feel much better right now.

Working Mom

I went back to work this week. It’s been hard. I cried a good bit after Lucy went to bed Sunday night, and I, obviously, cried when I left for work on Monday. Having Joe home this week as helped ease the transition, but I’m sure next week will be even harder when I leave her with the sitter. In a way, it’s nice to have a bit of adult interaction during the day, but I really miss spending all day with Miss Lucy. What’s been really weird has been not having my diaper bag with me or the car seat in my back seat.

Yesterday, Joe brought Lucy by to visit me at work. She was as excited about being at a radio station as a 2-month-old could be. She was actually pretty annoyed that I woke her up when I took her out of her car seat. 🙂


I’m pretty sure she’s the cutest radio announcer ever. She’s pretty sure putting those big headphones on her constitute child cruelty. 🙂 I’m hoping going to work gets easier as time goes on.

Lucy Hates Everyone

There’s a song by Get Set Go called “I Hate Everyone”. That’s pretty much how Lucy feels today. She hates us. She hates her doctor. She hates his nurse. She had five shots today. I kind of don’t blame her for hating everyone. 🙂

Lucy was a trooper during her 8-week checkup today. She had her hips rotated, which caused her to cry. I told her that was nothing compared to what was coming. After her checkup, the doctor picked her up under her arms and looked her in the eyes, and she immediately stopped crying. He must intimidate her like he does me. 🙂

Then, the nurse came in to give Lucy her vaccinations. We went ahead and did all five today. The doctor said the effects would be the same if we did them all at once or split them and did three one day and two on a different day, and that most of his patients make the same choice we did. I’m glad we got them all done at once.

Despite the tears, her checkup went well. She weighs 8 lbs., 13 oz., a gain of 5 oz. from last Thursday; and is 21.5 inches long. The doctor said she’s on the small side but is growing well. I think we’re going to have a petite girl, which is interesting because I am anything but petite.

The next checkup is at 4 months. Hopefully Daddy will come again because it’s easier to watch her get her shots when he’s there.

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Lucy’s First Snowfall

We got snow here in North Georgia yesterday. It was just a dusting, but it was still nice to see it falling yesterday afternoon. Most of the school systems in metro Atlanta were closed today because of icy roads. Our road wasn’t bad, but Joe hit patches of ice on his drive to work, and my parents were iced in at their house in Tennessee.

I woke Lucy from her nap yesterday afternoon to take her outside while the snow was coming down. She really could have cared less, but I enjoyed it. She probably was wondering what was wet and landing on her cheeks. 🙂

snow 4

snow 3

We had a little more than that accumlate. It’s nothing compared to what all of you Northerners get, but it was still fun … especially since I’m still on maternity leave and didn’t have to work!

On an unrelated note, documenting my day yesterday was quite interesting. It was good to see how much she ate, how long she slept and how many times I changed her diaper. I also discovered that it must just seem like she cries all day because she only cried for a couple of hours total from the time she woke up to the time she went to bed — less than an hour of which was during the day when I was here alone with her. Today, she took a 4 hour nap! I was impressed. I’ve read that there is a growth spurt at 6 weeks, which could be the cause. After that, we got in some tummy/back time on her playmat, where she slept for a little bit yesterday.

lucy 36

I really need to get her used to sleeping on her back so we can transition her into her crib. If the amount of time she sleeps on her playmat each day is any indicator, it’ll be a while until she’s sleeping as well on her back as she is now. 🙂

Schedules and Feeding and Crying, Oh My!

Being a parent is hard. I didn’t realize how hard it would be. I have so much respect for all of you stay-at-home moms because there are days when I just want to rip my hair out.

I feel like Lucy cries Now, this could just be the exhaustion talking, and I know she doesn’t cry like some babies because we’ve been told that what she does is *not* fussy compared to others, but it seems like she cries all the time. And, I have to say, if she’s been fed and changed and I’m holding her, I have no idea what to do to make her stop. And how much crying is considered normal and how much is worrisome?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get her on a schedule. Her schedule right now is baby-led, and basically consists of eating, sleeping and crying with a bit of playing thrown in here and there. I’ve been looking at different examples of schedules, including the EASY method, but Lucy tends to sleep after she eats and then wants to eat when she wakes up, which kind of throws off the whole eating-activity-sleeping thing. I feel like it’s hard to get active time in right now because she’s not really playing yet. She doesn’t hold things. We talk to her and make faces at her, and I put her on her playmat, but that’s about the extent right now. I feel like I’m a bad mom.

Speaking of her playmat … I’ve started to try to work tummy time into her day. She hates it with a passion. I’ve read that most babies can lift their heads for short periods of time at this point. Joe says he’s seen her do it when she lays on his chest (which counts as tummy time, I believe), but I really haven’t, which makes me worry that my baby is developing behind schedule. I tend to be a worrier because I want my little girl to be perfectly on schedule.

I’m also still trying to figure out napping. I’ve read that you should put babies down to nap when you see them yawning or rubbing their eyes, which I’m now trying to do, but, of course, she fights it. I hate hearing her crying, and she’ll crying, then stop, then start up again. How long did/do your kids cry at naptime before falling asleep?

Another thing I wonder about is her feeding schedule. The sample schedules I’ve seen show babies Lucy’s age eating 6 oz. or so every 4 hours. Lucy eats 3-4 oz. every 2 hours. Is it normal for an almost 7-week-old to still be eating every 2 hours? I also read in an article on BabyCenter that the total you should feed your baby a day is 2.5 oz. per pound that your baby weighs. For Lucy, that would be about 22 oz. a day, and I know she eats more than that. Have any of you heard of this or followed it? I really don’t know how much stock to place in it because I’m going to feed her when she’s hungry. I know our pediatrician said not to schedule her feedings and let her eat when she’s hungry, but it’s still something I wonder about. When will she eat less often? I feel like all I do is change diapers and feed her.

I just hope I’m doing what I need to do to help her develop correctly. That’s my biggest fear. And, maybe I’m just worrying too much.