Weekly Totals ~ 5/31/13


I didn’t do a ton of shopping this week, but I did want to make a CVS run to use my $6/$30 purchase coupon. The ad wasn’t spectacular, but I was able to get a few things we use for almost nothing OOP!

I also made a Dollar General run for CHEAP Schick razors. Each pack had 3 razors and cost me $0.85, so you’re talking $0.28 per razor. Not bad!

Kellogg’s Special K Granola x 3 = $7.60

Twix = $0.75

Starbucks K-Cups = $5.99

U by Kotex Liners = $3.99

Schick Hydro Razor = $9.99

Schick Razors x 6 = $5.10

I had $15 in ECB from a previous trip, and I got another $5 ECB from the CVS Beauty Club when I scanned my Extra Care Card today, so I ended up paying $1.82 for $41.43 worth of items, and I got back $9.75 in ECB for a future trip at CVS! I used (2) $3/1 Schick Razor coupons and (2) $6/2 Schick Razor coupons at Dollar General, making each pack just $0.85! And, of course, the day after I shopped, Dollar General put out a $2/$10 purchase coupon. Ugh! Oh well.

Now, for the weekly total:

Total Retail: $70.53
Total OOP: $6.92
ECB Remaining: $9.75
Total Percentage Saved: 91%

Weekly Totals ~ 5/17/13

So….I made three trips to three stores this week, but I only have one receipt. Because, of course. That’s just an idea of how crazy my week has been.

The one I have is from today’s Kroger trip, during which I used the $50 coupon I won in the recent instant win game! I seriously have never been so excited – $50 off groceries?? Yes, please!

Instead of trying to come up with a big coupon trip, I used my $50 to stock up on canned beans and other items that I never seem to find coupons for. I also got some produce and cat food, so it was a great trip in my book! And, while I didn’t get coupons, pretty much everything I got was on sale (I was psyched about the wheelie cars – $1.50 each down from $4.99!)!

Here’s what I got at Kroger:

Princess Wheelie Cars x 2 = $3
Pet Pride Cat Food = $9.99
Kroger Deluxe Mac n Cheese = $1.87
Kroger Mac n Cheese x 2 = $1
Chef Boyardee Mini Dinos x 2 = $2
Princess Spaghetti-o’s x 2 = $2.38
Kroger Spaghetti-o’s x 2 = $1.18
Kroger Mini Ravioli x 2 = $1.54
Bush’s Grillin’ Beans = $1.67
Kroger Kidney Beans x 2 = $1.38
Kroger Chili Beans x 6 = $3.60
Kroger Black Beans x 6 = $3.60
Kroger Turkey Lunch Meat = $2.74
Kroger Paper Plates = $1.79
Kroger Hamburger Buns = $1.79
Kroger Crescent Rolls = $1.79
Squash = $0.89
Kroger Hot Dog Buns = $0.88
Mushrooms = $3.98
Kroger Chili Seasoning x 2 = $1.58
Cherry Tomatoes = $2.50

After my $50 coupon, my total was $1.63 for a 97% savings! I’m pretty psyched and glad to have more canned items on hand now!

Weekly Totals ~ 4/19/13


Boy – I spent A LOT more than I planned to this week. That is due to me not checking the ads and coupon matchups (which would have saved me the $2.50 I spent on Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner that was FREE at Kroger).

And, we had to get cat litter, cat food and Rid X. If I had kept up with the ads, I could have gotten coupons for the cat food. But, I didn’t. So, I’ve learned my lesson.

Although I had two not-so-good trips, I also had two great trips, so overall, I’m happy with what I got this week!

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches = $0.50
Tyson Chicken Fries x 2 = $1.29
Pictsweet Family Size Frozen Veggies x 2 = $3.39
Greenwise Paper Towel (3-pack) = $0.01
Quaker Products x 5 = $4.62
Beech-Nut Fruities x 6 = $2.97
Earth’s Best Fruit Pouches x 6 = $3.79
Happy Tot Fruit Pouch = $0.74
Scrubbing Bubbles with Fantastik x 2 = $1.38
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner x 5 = $2.50
Pine-Sol Cleaner x 2 = $1.58
Pampers Baby Wipes = $0
Crest Toothpaste = $0.69
Neutrogena Facial Bar = $0.09
Minute Rice = $0.29
Publix Cat Litter = $5.79
Friskies Cat Food x 2 = $4.59
Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies x 2 = $3.18
Edy’s Outshine Bars x 2 = $2.65
Publix Instant Rice = $2.79
Rid X = $7.19
International Delight Coffee Creamer = $1.12
Pillsbury Cake Mix = $1.89
Baking Cups = $0.89
Pillsbury Frosting = $1.69
Chocolate Pretzels = $1.99
Kroger Black Beans x 4 = $2.76
Kroger Chili Beans x 2 = $1.38
Kroger Sea Salt = $1.99

So, after coupons and my $5 Kroger e-coupon from submitting a Pillsbury recipe, I paid $63.74 for $139.83 worth of groceries, a savings of 54%!

Looking at that percentage kind of bums me out because I know I could have done SO much better, but I just have to chalk it up to what it is and move on. Now, I’ll buckle down to do better in the future!

Weekly Totals ~ 3/29

I shopped a lot more than I expected to this week. And, I spent a lot more than I expected. I sure wish fresh fruit coupons were more plentiful!

This week, I spent $62.70 OOP, which was pretty hard on me since I normally average around $30 a week. But, I got a ton of stuff and restocked my toilet paper stash, so I’m OK with it. I’m not really planning on shopping next week aside from any super hot deals that I can get for really cheap on Wednesday so I can get the penny item!

Here’s what I got this week:

Kroger baking potatoes – $3.88
Scott toilet paper x 3 – $15.72
Yoplait Go-Gurt x 2 – $1.98
Apples – $4.49
Utz chips – $2.14
Kroger lunch meat – $2.74
Bananas – $1.87
Angel Soft toilet paper x 3 – $2.25
Quaker oatmeal x 4 – $3.78
Mott’s Medley’s x 7 – $4.03
Matzoh – $4.99
Del Monte Green Beans x 8 – $3.56
Lay’s chips x 2 – $4.29
Publix apple juice – $0.01
Danimals smoothies x 2 – $0.50
Gerber Graduates pouch – $1.50
Schick 5 razor – $0
Mueller’s tri-color rotini x 2 – $1.57
Duncan Hines cake mix x 2 – $0.43
Ragu spaghetti sauce x 2 – $0.69
Del Monte corn x 4 – $2.78

Total Retail: $154.95
Total OOP: $62.70
Total Savings: 60%

Weekly Totals ~ 3/22


So…I had $1 in my wallet on Wednesday to shop. Seriously. We were out of town over the weekend (in a real ritzy, expensive area of Atlanta), so we spent WAY too much money. Anyway. So, I wanted to shop the sale that started Wednesday but wanted to keep it to $1 or less.

Impossible, right? Nope! My total was $0.62. Yes, 62 CENTS! I was pretty excited, and the manager who bagged my groceries was pretty impressed.

Here’s what I got:

Dole Pinapple Chunks = $0.75
Maybelline Eye Shadows x 2 = -$1.02
Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorites = $0.22
Duncan Hines Frosting Creations x 2 = -$0.02
Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix x 2 = -$0.17
Lysol Trigger Spray = $0.85
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner = $0.65
Alexia Frozen Rolls = -$0.85
Publix Sandwich Cookies = $0.01

Total retail: $24.98
Total OOP: $0.62
Savings: 98%

Weekly Totals ~ 02/16

Wow – this is the first time in a while that I really haven’t shopped at all. There wasn’t much I needed (besides a jar of jalapenos and a can of black beans for my meal on Friday while the hubby enjoyed my Mexican Chicken), so on Thursday night, I ran by Ingles to grab those, an ear of corn and some seasoning for guacamole. But, my guac turned out SO well by itself that I didn’t even use the seasoning! Maybe another time…

My total actually should have been lower than it was. I didn’t look at my receipt until now, and the cashier rang up my ear of corn as a lime. The corn was priced at 5/$2 and the limes at 2/$1, so I should have paid $0.40 rather than $0.50. Oh well. I’m not going to quibble over $0.10.

Also, I will be posting my recipes for Mexican Chicken and Roasted Corn Guac in the next week or so!

So, here are my puny totals for this week:

Laura Lynn Jalapenos – $1.58
Bush’s Black Beans – $0.80
Guacamole Seasoning – $0.98
Ear of Corn – $0.50

This week, I spent $3.86! I hope to have a good bit of my grocery money left over when the next pay day rolls around!