Show Us Your Life ~ Favorite Kids Books

I am loving this week’s SUYL topic! We read a LOT in our house. Lucy “reads” after we put her to bed for the night, and when we cleaned off her bed the other day, I think we pulled about 30 books off – no joke!

Today, I’m going to share a few of our favorites, and I’ve also linked to their Amazon pages in case you want to buy any for your kids!

We LOVE us some Boynton books. We have almost all of them, and my kiddo can read “Moo, Baa, La La La” by herself! Here are our fave Boynton books:

Moo Baa La La La

The Going-To-Bed Book

Barnyard Dance!

We also love the Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer. I got Lucy a couple for her Easter basket.

Happy Easter, Little Critter

I Was So Mad

Just Go to Bed

Grandma, Grandpa, and Me

And, last but certainly not least, “Goodnight Gorilla.” Lucy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES this book, and she can read this one also!

Good Night, Gorilla

What are your kids’ favorite books??

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Show Us Your Life ~ Date Ideas


Date night? What’s that??


In all seriousness, date nights are so freaking important, especially once kids come along. But, babysitters are pretty expensive (minimum $20) and, with no family living closer than an hour away, date nights for us are few and far between.

When we do go out, though, we’re pretty traditional. We’ll go grab dinner somewhere and actually talk (you know, instead of spending the whole time trying to get a certain someone to eat). We’ll go to a movie. We’ll go to the mall or a store and just wander.

I know. We sound boring. But, it works for us. It’s what we enjoy. We were never really more exciting before Lucy came along anyway!

What are your favorite date ideas?? Give a boring old married lady some suggestions!

Show Us Your Life ~ Favorite Pinterest Ideas

I never thought I’d become obsessed with Pinterest. But, I am. I have found SO many cute ideas for decor, parties, etc, and I could spend hours pinning to my boards if I had the time.

Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest finds:

organizing kid stuff for trips


I love this idea as a way to organize items for your kids for a trip!

coffee table bookcase

I love this shelving unit made from a coffee table and bookcase. If we had more time on our hands, this would be a fun project to do!

calendar blocks

I seriously love this project, and I don’t think it would be super hard. It would look so cute on the accent table in our living room!

yarn wrap wreath

This looks super easy too – just yarn wrap a frame and hang your initial in the center!

window memo board

I actually bought a couple of old window panes off a garage sale Facebook page to do a project like this! I can’t wait to actually get started on it!

Want to see more of my pins? You can follow my boards here! Leave a comment with your link, and I’ll follow you back!

Show Us Your Life ~ Favorite Picture Ideas

I LOVE having pictures taken of our family and, as my husband is a photographer on the side, we take a lot of our own (yay for self-timers!). Here are a few of my favorites that we’ve had taken.

family 6

lucy 1








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Show Us Your Life: Kids Parties


Today’s theme for Show Us Your Life is kids parties. For those of you who may be new, I will recap my daughter, Lucy’s first birthday party. Lucy’s BFF is Tigger, so it was a no-brainer to throw her a Tigger party. The upside? Not many people throw Tigger parties, so it was unique. The downside? Not many people throw Tigger parties, so it was hard to find items that didn’t include Pooh.

This was the invitation we sent out. Joe designed it, and I still love it. Since Lucy’s birthday fell on a Sunday, we were able to have her party on her actual birthday, which was fun!

lucybirthdayinvite for blog

We had the party at my former church. The fellowship hall was the perfect location. My birthday girl wore the “Tigger tutu” I made her.



These were the centerpieces I made. I thought they turned out pretty well!


We had balloons in Tigger’s colors, and I ordered a banner with Lucy’s name off Etsy. In retrospect, I would have ordered one that said “Happy Birthday” as well so the two banners would match, but oh well.



I had a table set up by the door where I displayed two pictures of Lucy — one from the day she was born and a recent picture — and had a signature mat for everyone to sign. I also had a coloring table set up for the bigger kids.



And, of course, there was cake! A coworker made THREE cakes for my sweet girl — a Tigger cake, which was the main event; two smash cakes; and an extra cake. We were expecting many more people than actually came, but a lot had to cancel the day of the party.




I had so much fun planning Lucy’s first birthday party, and I already have ideas rolling around for the big “2”!