Tornadoes pummeled the Chattanooga and North Georgia areas last night. My parents called around 7 p.m. and said they had been hit by a tornado. They were out on the front porch watching the storm when the heard the unmistakable sound of a train coming toward them.

Luckily, their home was only moderately damaged with shingles being torn off the roof. A tree fell on my grandparents’ deck next door but missed the house. However, from what I’ve been told, their property is a mess from trees being knocked down. When I get pictures from my brothers, I’ll post them.

Even scarier than the tornado, though, was the fact that my grandmother was missing for six hours. She apparently headed out to the grocery store around 3 p.m. without telling anyone, and my parents discovered she was gone when they went to check on my grandparents after the storm hit. My brothers went out looking for her and couldn’t find her. We feared the worse. But, she ended up arriving at one of her friends’ house right after my brothers arrived there looking for her. She had been driving around trying to find a way home since trees fell down and blocked all the access points to my parents’ house.

Everyone is still without electricity in my parents’ area, and they think they’ll be without it for several days. At least everyone is safe. That’s all that matters.

We got hit in my area, too, but nowhere near as bad as Chattanooga and areas north of us like Ringgold did. We had possible tornadoes hit the northern area of our county, and I’m hoping to get some pictures this weekend. If I do, I’ll post them. Please keep everyone in the south in your prayers.

Snowpocalypse 2011

We don’t get much snow here in metro Atlanta, at least not compared to the North. So, when weather forecasters predicted snowfall with several inches of accumulation, I kind of brushed it off.

Boy, was I wrong. We woke up last Monday to almost 5 inches at our house. And, because our road is a hill, we were iced in.


Our road is somewhere there in the middle.

We took Lucy out later that morning, and she was not a fan. She’s just like her mommy — she likes being dry and warm!



It was crazy here. Many, like us, were stuck until Wednesday. We finally were able to get down our hill and get to work then. Schools were out for the entire week, and now school systems are trying to figure out how to make up the time (a couple already cancelled winter break next month). We just aren’t prepared for that kind of weather down here.

Now, life is back to normal, and I’m really hoping we don’t get snow like that any time soon. They’re predicting more snow on the 25th. Hopefully, it will just be a dusting and nothing major. Otherwise, it’s my turn to stay at the office.

Snowstorm 2010

When the meteorologists say we are expected to get snow here in metro Atlanta, I never believe them. Snow doesn’t usually happen here, and if we do get snow, it melts as soon as it hits the ground. Last week, though, the meteorologists were right. The snow started falling early Friday afternoon and didn’t let up until late that night. It was nice looking out the window at work and seeing everything covered in white.




When we got home, we took Lucy out for a few minutes. She was OK with everything until I put her feet in the snow. Then, she wasn’t too thrilled. She’s the cutest little snow bear ever, though!


The next day, the snow was still around in the morning, so we went back out. Lucy didn’t last too long (I think it might have been a little cold for her), so we built a small snowman before heading back in.




By the afternoon, most of the snow had melted, but our snowman was standing strong.


We got a couple of inches total. We were supposed to get more yesterday but didn’t. I found it humorous that the meteorologist on one of the Atlanta TV stations said it was currently snowing in Cartersville, yet there was nothing falling. So ends the great snowstorm of 2010.

Waiting for Spring

The dusting of snow we had a couple of days ago was nice, but I am so over winter. I am *so* tired of the temperature being in the teens (and the wind makes it feel much colder than that!). It’s absolutely miserable to go outside, so Lucy and I have been staying home rather than going out and about during the day. I am dreading seeing next month’s power and water bills, especially since we’ve had a heater going in our laundry room and have had to let our faucets drip in our bathroom sink and kitchen sink. But, I’d rather deal with that than frozen pipes!

Lucy’s First Snowfall

We got snow here in North Georgia yesterday. It was just a dusting, but it was still nice to see it falling yesterday afternoon. Most of the school systems in metro Atlanta were closed today because of icy roads. Our road wasn’t bad, but Joe hit patches of ice on his drive to work, and my parents were iced in at their house in Tennessee.

I woke Lucy from her nap yesterday afternoon to take her outside while the snow was coming down. She really could have cared less, but I enjoyed it. She probably was wondering what was wet and landing on her cheeks. 🙂

snow 4

snow 3

We had a little more than that accumlate. It’s nothing compared to what all of you Northerners get, but it was still fun … especially since I’m still on maternity leave and didn’t have to work!

On an unrelated note, documenting my day yesterday was quite interesting. It was good to see how much she ate, how long she slept and how many times I changed her diaper. I also discovered that it must just seem like she cries all day because she only cried for a couple of hours total from the time she woke up to the time she went to bed — less than an hour of which was during the day when I was here alone with her. Today, she took a 4 hour nap! I was impressed. I’ve read that there is a growth spurt at 6 weeks, which could be the cause. After that, we got in some tummy/back time on her playmat, where she slept for a little bit yesterday.

lucy 36

I really need to get her used to sleeping on her back so we can transition her into her crib. If the amount of time she sleeps on her playmat each day is any indicator, it’ll be a while until she’s sleeping as well on her back as she is now. 🙂

Spring Storms

Our power was out for more than three hours this morning after a raging wind storm last night. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear it, despite the numerous times I was up to go to the bathroom. I’m just glad it’s back on now, because I really wasn’t looking forward to going to work without showering (no electricity = no hot water).

March and April are horrible months here in Georgia for storms. Usually March is worse, but this year we’ve been hit hard in April. Last Friday, a big storm hit our area, and we were on the air with special weather coverage for the two hours we were under a tornado warning. It was insane. It would pour and then stop. Then it would hail and then stop. Those patterns were repeated several times. And when I say it was hailing, I mean it was *pouring* hail. We had dime-sized hail at our house, and golf ball-sized hail was reported in the northern end of the county. I’m really surprised our cars weren’t dented. When the hail hit my car, it sure sounded like there would be damage.


We had numerous tornado touchdowns called in to us and broadcast over the police scanner, but after talking to all the police chiefs in the various cities in our county, only one was confirmed. It was in a city close to where we live, which is kind of scary since Joe was here while I was at work.

If this is the worst that it gets this year, we’ll be lucky. Last year, we had a tornado hit one of our cities, and we actually saw one right in downtown where our station is located. From our studio window, we could see it spinning, and we really thought we were going to get hit. I hope storm season is almost over for the year. I’m definitely ready to move on to summer.