Fall is in the Air

According to the calendar, fall is upon us.

It’s too bad Mother Nature doesn’t seem to realize that. Here it is, the end of September, and our temperatures are still in the high-70s and low-80s. It makes me sad. I’m so over summer. I’ve been over the blazing hot days for a while. I yearn for cool weather and wearing my comfy, cute sweaters.

But, no matter what, I’m celebrating fall. I pulled out my Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin scents (yes, I base my scents on the seasons — I’m a dork like that), and every day I feel more fallish. I wish it could be fall all year long because I love that scent. And, I’m ordering a bag of Pumpkin Spice coffee that the awesome Lisanne mentioned on her blog the other day. It may still be summer-like outside, but it’s fall in my house.


It was crazy here today as gas jumped between 30-cents and 50-cents a gallon and drivers packed into gas stations as Hurricane Ike prepared to hit the coast of Texas. I spent part of the afternoon driving around (in the company car at least) checking out how gas stations were faring and talking to some motorists. One station was out of everything but premium. Others had a 10 gallon limit per transaction.

It always amazes me how people flip out when a hurricane hits. The spokesman for AAA told me today that if there is a shortage it will be customer-driven because of the panic that always ensues. Yes, the refineries have shut down but, barrring any major damage, they should be back up and running again in a few days.

Until then, the price gougers are out in full force. Joe saw a few gas stations in Macon selling gas for more than $5 a gallon. And, of course, that has made everyone up here fearful. We overheard someone saying how it’s going to reach $5 tonight up here. I really doubt that. The irony is that the price of oil is still declining. Luckily, officials say that even though prices will stay up (and could get over $4 a gallon if Ike does some serious damage), they should come back down within a few weeks.

I’m hoping that everything will be fine and back to normal soon, preferably before we head north. How are gas prices where you live? Have you seen any affects from the impending storm?

heat waves

i’m so over summer. the heat is unbearable, and we still have about two months to go. this just reiterates the fact that i hope i get pregnant *soon* (as in next month) so i won’t have to be big and pregnant during the summer. i just can’t imagine how uncomfortable that would be.

on my mind

i wonder why the weather’s been on my mind so much lately. recently, i’ve been thinking about:

  • when the weeds in my yard will die so i can go ahead and plant grass already.
  • what happened to spring? winter seemed to lead right into summer.
  • speaking of summer, since it’s not even officially summer yet and temperatures are reaching the mid to high 90s, what can we expect for july and august?
  • it was supposed to rain all week yet today is the first day we’ve had anything during the day (and even that wasn’t until around 7 p.m.). why is it that meteorologists are wrong when it comes to rain but right on when it comes to severe weather like the tornado threats we’ve had recently?
  • so those are some of the things i’ve been thinking about lately. what’s been on your mind?

    more bad weather heading our way

    there is a 100 percent chance of severe thunderstorms hitting our area tomorrow. after the tornado that touched down in the south end of our county last saturday, this now has everyone freaking out. i am in the minority and think that it will be, as the forecasters say, a thunderstorm. i wish everyone else was as optimistic as i am.

    tornado aftermath

    we’re reeling here after a tornado hit our county this afternoon. i got called about severe weather and got to the station around 11:15 a.m. at that point, weather forecasters were saying a storm was coming from alabama but was dissipating and breaking up. around noon, while i was doing the news, the sky got really dark and the storm really picked up. my station manager arrived soon after i got off the air, and until about 3 p.m., he and i were on the air letting our listeners know what was going on. our studio looks out on the street, and it was amazing to watch the sky change almost instantly. i’ve never seen a storm like this before. we saw everything that you hear will happen during a tornado. we found out after the fact that the weather forecasts on tv, which we had muted, said that it was heading right to the heart of downtown cartersville, which was where we were. i’m really glad we didn’t hear that because i would have freaked out.

    now, it’s on to writing our story for tomorrow so we can get home. we’ve had a lot of reports of power outages in the area where we live, so i’m anxious to get home and see if we lost power. i hope we didn’t because the media relations rep at georgia power told me it won’t be back on until late tomorrow night or monday morning.