it’s raining everywhere

it’s overcast, cloudy and rainy here. my brother is snorkeling in key west on the first stop of his cruise and enjoying beautiful, sunny weather. looking at the weather report, he should get his fair share because it’s supposed to start raining this afternoon and continue for the rest of the week. he better enjoy his snorkling while he can! and by the way, i can’t believe it’s in the 80s down there at this time of the year.

rain and henry viii

it is *pouring* outside today. don’t get me wrong, we need the rain badly here. but, it’s insane the way it’s coming down right now. i left my umbrella in the car last night (you would think i would have remembered the forecast i read during the 5 p.m. news), so i really hope it slows down by the time i have to leave for work. otherwise, i may as well take a change of clothes with me!

in other news, we saw “the other boleyn girl” saturday night. they did a good job of condensing a *very* long book into two hours, and it was a pretty good movie. eric bana and natalie portman were fabulous, as was the actress who played queen catherine. in fact, i think it’s a shame it came out this early in the year because i could see them being nominated for oscars. on the negative side, it was slow in parts and in others moved way too fast. and, they left out a lot of details. but all in all, it was a good movie. i’m glad i went. have you seen this? if so, what did you think?

the best part of the movie, though, was the new theatrical trailer for the upcoming sex and the city movie. it comes out on may 30 (which is in 99 days, not that i’m counting down or anything), and i.can’t.wait. i loved the tv series, and have been waiting for the movie ever since it was announced. the only downside is that the trailer pretty much shows everything that happens! talk about ruining the element of surprised. at an rate, i’ll be there opening weekend with my (reluctant) hubby in tow unless stacey wants to go with me! anyone else planning on seeing this movie?


it snowed a little this morning! when i looked out the window of our guest bedroom/office, i could see small flakes falling. it didn’t last, but it was pretty to watch for a little while.

the cats’ first snow

the cats experienced snow for the first time today. for the most part, they were not impressed. aj was ok with it. he sniffed around at first, then ran around like he normally does, though he was ready to go back in *much* sooner than usual.

aj in snow 2

dizzy wasn’t as thrilled about the snow. he found a spot near our carport that was snow-free, and he stood on the edge. you could tell he was thinking, “crap. i can’t go any farther.”

dizzy in snow 2

julius was very unhappy. he hates going outside period, and was squirming in joe’s arms when he took him out. but, we figured we needed pictures of all the cats. needless to say, julius tore off and ran back inside and hid after we put him in the yard.

julius in snow 1

it’s snowing

and that means a run on grocery stores here in georgia. it cracks me up. i’m used to the weather up north where it snowed and we still had school. here, everything going on in town has been cancelled, even though the snow isn’t sticking. it’s too warm out. it’s basically like rain on the roads. i’m sure they’re still remembering the blizzard of ’93, but even joe, who lived here when the blizzard hit, thinks it’s crazy to flip out at the slightest bit of snow. even on wednesday when it snowed, the flakes were *much* larger than the microscopic flakes falling now, but it never accumulated on the roads because they were so warm from vehicles traveling over them.

it was good while it lasted

the snow was completely gone this morning. it started raining last night, and i knew we wouldn’t have any remnants left when we woke up. at least we had some for a little while and got some pictures out of it. now i can actually do a scrapbook page on snow!

i went to bed last night at 11 and woke up just before 10 a.m. and i’m still tired! i could have slept *much* longer, but it was time to get up and get going for the day. man.