let it snow

we may not have had a white christmas here in georgia, but at least the winter didn’t pass us by without a snowfall. it started coming down lightly this afternoon. by the time i left work, my car was covered in snow and huge flakes were falling. i was a bit nervous driving home because i’ve never driven in the snow. i was only 14 when we moved from maryland, and i can’t remember it snowing since then. if it did, i didn’t drive in it!

snow day 10

snow day 8

snow day 6

snow day 1

since it’s snowing and cold, and i am so.freakin.exhausted and about to pass out, i decided not to actually cook tonight. i was going to put stir fry veggies in crescent rolls and bake them, but instead we popped a frozen pizza in the oven and are about to curl up on the couch with that and a warm drink. i’m going to (try) and put my ever-expanding waistline (at least that’s what my head tells me!) and my calorie counting out of my head for one night and just enjoy myself.

it’s beginning to look a lot like . . . grass

joe and i were shocked when we went outside today and saw patches of green grass poking out through the leaves in our yard. it’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything green, thanks to this wonderful drought that is plaguing our state. and, to top it off, we had a nice little rainstorm this afternoon. it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, and i really hope it does. in fact, i’d take rain every day for the next few months to start replenishing our lakes and getting us out of this drought. but i don’t think that’s going to happen.

bad weather

it has been in the upper 70s here so far this week, and the lowest its supposed to get is the mid-60s. the visiting pastor at my church on saturday said, “i love global warming. i’ve always wanted to live in florida, and now i know what it’s like.” heh. i told our receptionist it’s hard to get in the christmas spirit when i’m wearing sleeveless shirts.

let it rain

it rained here slightly this morning. yay! i can’t remember the last time it rained and, with the extreme drought we’re in, rain is a welcome sight. our outdoor watering ban recently was changed to prohibit all outdoor watering. i talked to our city’s water department director a week or so ago, and he said that cobb county, a large county just south of us, is expected to run out of water by january if we don’t start seeing some regular, steady rain, as are other municipalities that get water out of our lake. in athens-clarke county, where the university of georgia is located, water is expected to start being rationed by thanksgiving and run out by christmas if the lack of rain continues.

the army corps of engineers was releasing water from our lake to alabama, yet they aren’t under any watering restrictions. that really bothers me when we are looking at the possibility of running out of water, and they are taking our water and letting their residents use it however they please.

we just can’t catch a break here. besides the water issues, it’s the middle of october and it’s still in the upper-70s to low-80s here. will fall ever come?

rain, rain, go away

seriously. please do. this raining all week thing is getting old, and i’d really like to wear my cute capris and sandals again. thanks!

does anyone know how to make mushrooms stop growing? we have these nasty yellow mushrooms growing *all over* our front yard. i figure we’ll dig them up to get rid of them, but is there any way to prevent them from growing in the first place?

when it rains, it pours

it was bright, sunshiney and warm when i left for work this afternoon, so i wore my cute white, linen shirt.

mother nature decided it was a great day to play a cruel, cruel joke on me. i was covering an airport authority meeting this afternoon when i heard the sound i dreaded most: thunder. i left a little early to get back for my news (and because i wasn’t feeling well at all), and i could see the rain pouring down outside. the girl at the front desk at the city annex building laughed when she saw i was trying to leave, though i could tell she was feeling for me.

i made a run for it. i was parked in the back. by the time i got to my car, you could see my skin through my shirt. luckily, i was wearing a camisole that helped. i have never been so wet before! one of my coworkers brought a station t-shirt for me to wear, but i had a comfy sweater in the car that i threw on over my camisole, and i felt a little bit better.

if only the rain could have held off for 10 more minutes. thanks a lot, mother nature.