a happy day

i’m feeling very good about myself today.

it’s a beautiful day outside. i had a good workout this morning and was down 1/2 pound from last week. i’m wearing capris from last summer *with* a belt and they’re falling off my waist.

it’s a very good day. 🙂

the thunder rolls

the weather is nasty here tonight. we were under a tornado watch until 13 minutes ago and it is *pouring* out. the day started with *loud* thunderstorms very early this morning that woke us up (and caused a cute cat named julius to high-tail it under the bed), and it’s been raining off and on all day. at least it didn’t rain much while i had to be outside today. that’s all that i ask for!

a tornado touched down in enterprise, alabama, and did some damage there, and the national weather service said that storm might head this way, but i think we might be in the clear now.

how’s the weather where you are? bright and sunny, i hope!

the world is coming to an end

at least that’s how it seems here. weather forecasters are predicting a “wintry mix” for tonight, which can include snow, sleet or freezing rain. that means it’s time to stock up on bread and milk. i stopped by the k-roger tonight to get fabric softener, and it was just insane. i had to park almost at the back of the lot, and had to navigate around buggy after buggy filled to the brim with food. one employee was restocking the bread, and a lot of the milk was missing from the coolers.
i’m from maryland, and up there if a wintry mix is predicted, it means business as usual. the schools hardly ever closed, unless there was so much snow the roads were closed, and there was never a mad dash to the supermarket. it wasn’t winter there without ice and snow, and that’s how we liked it.

i think some of the people here probably are reliving the blizzard of ’93 in their minds and are preparing for the worst. we didn’t move until the next year, but i can understand how tonight’s forecast would worry some people. i just think it’s funny. if the weather does get bad, however, they might get the last laugh.

allergies: 1; cady: 0

my allergies have been going crazy lately. i have no idea why, but it’s getting really old. it would be one thing if it was just congestion, but i’m also sneezing all the time, which is not good for someone who is in broadcasting. it made my newscast today very difficult.

am i the only one going through this, or are the allergies hitting any of you guys too?

christmas eve eve

it’s two days before christmas and it’s warm enough to go outside without a coat. it’s been that warm for the last week or so. what’s wrong with this picture?

rain, rain go away

it is supposed to rain on my wedding day, with the highest liklihood at 2 p.m. when the ceremony begins. this is what i’ve dreaded my entire life. who wants it to rain when they get married? i really wanted my pictures after the ceremony, as well as the dancing, outside. if it rains, we will have a logistical nightmare with the dancing in the foyer!

rain has been in the forecast every day this week, and so far we’ve lucked out for the most part with the exception of a brief shower here and there. however, i’ve never been a very lucky person, so i’m sure that on sunday it will all come to a head and there will be a monsoon. i’m not joking. really. i’m that unlucky.

so, please, pray that the rain holds off until monday. i will be praying and obsessively watching the weather.