rain, rain, go away

i hear the rain coming down now.


i love the sound of the rain, especially in the evenings when i’m relaxing at home, and warm and cozy in my bed. it’s comforting and relaxing. it puts me to sleep.

i just hope it stops by tomorrow.

t-minus 2 days

i love this time of year. the sun is shining, the temperature is warm and my birthday is in two days. i will be 26. wow. i am now beginning to have a love-hate relationship with birthdays. i love the presents, but i hate the getting older. hehe.

this birthday is going to be fantastic. my birthday cake is going to be a test cake of my wedding cake!! yay!! we picked an almond cake, which i’ve heard are fantastic, so i hope i’m not disappointed. i know i won’t be. wow. i can’t believe we’re going to be testing my wedding cake. that’s so cool! oh, and joe has picked out his groom’s cake: a cookie cake! he loves them, as do i, so it was perfect. he’ll be making an emergency run to the mall the day before. 🙂

in other wedding news (which i’m sure you all are bored of by now!), i have started ordering my bridesmaid’s gifts. they’re kind of expensive (since there are six of them), which is why i’m starting to order them slowly now, but i think it’ll be cute. i hope they all like them.

and now it’s off to start the day. i have to get a new driver’s license and tag before i go to work. hopefully that won’t take my whole day. those lines at the drivier’s license center are always horrendous! happy friday everyone!

oh the sunshine

well yesterday i put the top down on the mustang when i went out and about. it was so nice. it was such a beautiful day. i can’t wait until summer so i can drive the mustang with the top down all the time!