life’s inconveniences

my neighbor hit my car today. at least she knocked on my door to tell me. she ran into it backing out of her space, scratching the back end from the bumper to the rear tire quite a bit. it could be a lot worse and i’m glad it wasn’t dented. it’s just a hassle now to deal with the insurance company, then take it to the body shop where i’ll probably have to leave it for a week and somehow find a car since i have to drive for work. sigh. the inconveniences of life.

a night at the movies

which of these does not belong in a movie theater:
a) seats
b) patrons
c) employees
d) a stroller

for most sane people, the correct answer would be d. so when joe and i walked into our theater saturday night and saw a stroller by the last row, our hearts sank. the stroller contained a baby. the baby was screaming at the top of its lungs.

the baby’s parents came in. maybe they would leave. no, they brought their two-year-old. so we watched the ring two complete with the screams and cries of an infant and a two-year-old. joe went out to complain and was told the couple couldn’t be kicked out for that. i beg to differ. one of the employees came in and talked to them, and i think they knew we had complained because they came and sat right behind us. we’re still wondering what kind of a parent brings infants and toddlers to the movies anyway.

three strikes

well, for the third time my air has gone out. i’m really not understanding why it’s taking so many trips to fix it. doesn’t it make sense to fix it the first time around? maybe even the second time. i’m getting sick of calling the landlord and repairman, and i’m sure they’re getting sick of hearing from me. but it’s getting toward summer now, and right now it’s 62 degrees outside and about 78 degrees in my house. thank goodness i’m finding refuge at joe’s this weekend. he sure lets the air conditioning blow!

my sweltering home

it’s 72 degrees outside. it’s about 77 degrees inside my house. no joke. the a/c is out again. i say again because just a month ago the compressor died, so i was living in extreme heat for a few weeks until that got fixed. now, it’s take 2. and i only have one fan so i’ve been living in my bedroom. sigh. at least i’m going to joe’s for the weekend where it’ll be nice and cool. until i make him turn on the heat because i’m freezing, that is. 🙂

my stupidity, part 3

i wish these posts would stop. really i do. yesterday i waited until it stopped raining to bring my garbage can up from the street. i wore my flip flops out and kept them on when i went back to the kitchen to get some trash. i forgot that water on the ground makes them wet, and as i’m chugging along and step on the linoleum i slip and bend my toe back. a toe on the same foot i sprained. it hurt. a lot. this morning it was swollen and the bruising had spread all the way to my foot. i will spare you by not posting a picture. joe had fun poking it and saying “can ya feel that!?” boys. *shakes head* they’re just big children.

my stupidity, part 2

will it ever end? i’m seriously starting to doubt it. this morning, joe and i ran out and, since i didn’t need my checkbook or credit card, i left my purse in the house. when we returned, joe asked me if i had my keys. i looked on the floor by my feet and didn’t see my purse. i always bring my purse. we were locked out. crap.

“i knew you didn’t have your keys when you didn’t bring your purse,” joe said.

“why didn’t you tell me??” i responded.

i tried calling the landlord, to no avail. he never answers his phone. not very handy, if you ask me.

so we took a quick jaunt to the police department which, luckily, is just a few blocks from my house. i was in my sweatpants and looked like hell, but i didn’t care. we marched down to support services where the public information officer and recruiting officer work.

“i locked us out,” i said. “do you know anyone who can open the lock?”

the sergeant pulled out his asp baton. “use this,” he said as i stared blankly. “it’s cheaper to fix a window than to call a locksmith.”

he had a point.

they told us to try using a credit card in the door jamb. as we left, the recruiting officer asked how long it would take to get back to my house.

“not long,” i said. “why?”

“well. i was just thinking. the 911 center could get a call about a burglary in process at a certain dalton residence.”

i rolled my eyes and we drove back to the house where i watched in nervous anticipation as joe first tried his driver’s license and then his insurance prescription card. just as we thought it wasn’t going to happen, the door popped open. “my insurance finally came through,” he joked.
so, through act of stupidity number two, i learned to always take my purse with me. oh, and i headed down to lowes and got several spare keys made. 🙂