Breastfeeding in Public

It happened during Lucy’s Sabbath School class last Saturday. I was having fun watching my little girl walking up to the front during the various songs when I looked over and saw the woman sitting next to me with her shirt pulled up and her breast hanging out.

Now, I have no problem seeing women breastfeeding in public, but how about being a little discreet about it? When I’m at the mall letting Lucy burn off energy in the soft play area, I always see moms nursing but they use a cover. And, there’s nothing wrong with a mother breastfeeding in the mother’s room at church even without a cover.

But, in a children’s Sabbath School class with a group of children and husbands? It makes me feel awkward. I couldn’t even look at Joe when I walked up front with Lucy during one of the songs because I didn’t want to look at this woman’s chest. I know it made Joe uncomfortable, and I can only imagine the other dads felt the same.

I just hope that Sabbath School in the future will not be as uncomfortable.

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Open Mouth, Insert Foot

This little story goes quite well with my previous post.

So, I’m sitting at my desk at work today when a coworker came by. She actually works across the street at another business owned by our company. This is how that conversation went:

Her: Hey. How are you doing? Aww…look at your chubby face!!

Me: WTF??

Seriously. Who does that?

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The Scarlet ‘C’

I headed out to Publix early this morning to take advantage of a sale that, when paired with a coupon, made for free deodorant. I went to the Publix in Acworth because it was on my way to our mom’s group meetup, so I figured I could run in quickly, grab what I needed and be on my way.

Boy, was I wrong. When I got to the register and handed my coupons to the cashier, she glanced at them and then said, “You copied these coupons.”

Um, no. I told her I had printed them off my computer, and she replied, “Really? Because they look copied to me.”

And so, I had to wait there with a fussy baby while she got a manager so she could show her my “photocopied” coupons.

I’m the girl who wouldn’t even cheat on a test at school but I’m going to cheat the system and use photocopied coupons. Right.

Eventually, I left with my purchases and an apology that it had taken so long. How about an apology for accusing me of cheating?

Does this mean I have to wear a scarlet “C” now?