Post Surgery, Day 1

So, yesterday was my second sinus surgery in two years. My doctor told the husband that it went well. Apparently, one of the sinuses on my right side was one of the most disgusting things he’d ever seen. Good to know, huh?

The surgery last about two hours, and I was in recovery for around an hour before they would let Joe know where I was and allow him to come back and see me. In addition to cleaning out everything like they did last year, he put stents in my nostrils because he had to shave down a bone spur. Yeah. It’s about as fun as it sounds.

Unlike last year, I bled from my nose afterward, so I had something attached to my ears to hold gauze in place. Apparently, I freaked out because when I would blink, the band and gauze would move.

Recovery has been, well, painful. I guess the packing is making me feel like I have an infection, and my nose and head have been hurting pretty badly. I’ve been keeping hydrocodone in my system and napping a good bit, even though it can be hard to sleep having to breathe through my mouth. It’s a good thing Lucy is going to the sitter’s this week. Also, I would kill to blow my nose. Seriously.

I go in on Thursday to get the packing and stents out, I believe. That’s sooner than last year, which I’m happy about. Then, we begin a more aggressive post-op regimine that hopefully will mean I don’t have to go through this again. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and because I freak out about anesthesia (I’m always afraid I won’t wake up), they gave me Versed in my IV before surgery to help calm my nerves. It probably isn’t the best thing to text when that kind of drug in your system. See for yourself: