the best laid plans

my plan for saturday:
sleep in
get up and go to church

what actually happened:
got up at 7 a.m. because joe saw julius’ ear was full of black gunk
puttered around until 9 a.m. when the vet’s office opened because i couldn’t go back to sleep
took julius to the vet
came home
cleaned up cat throw up all over the hallway
laid down because my stomach cramps were about to kill me
went to pick julius up

the rest of the night was great. we ordered “27 dresses” on pay per view (loved it!) and relaxed. of course, giving julius the first of 42 doses of ear drops wasn’t great, but we came out unscathed and without scratches, so we’ll take it.

today, joe is at a meeting for all the club presidents in our kiwanis district. i’m going to spend the afternoon working on a scrapbook i’m making of harrison’s first year. it’ll be his birthday present, but i don’t think ryan and ori will mind if i give it to them before they leave. i’m sure everyone in the family will want to see it!

what did you do this weekend?

my new favorite store

on wednesday, joe and i headed to kennesaw to meet a friend and his fiancee for dinner. we got there early, so joe wanted to stop by barnes and noble to pick up a book on marathons. when we got there, i saw that archivers was in the same strip mall. i had heard fabulous things about archivers, but i had never had the chance to go.

so, joe dropped me off. and, i have to say, that store is amazing. everything is laid out so well. it’s much easier to navigate than hobby lobby or joann. and, they had fabulous products. plus, there’s a large area in the back where you can crop for free, and there are a bunch of classes and workshops. i’m already making plans to go with rachel (sil) and michelle (friend’s fiancee). we all need to catch up on our cropping, so why not?

a lazy day at home

i have the day off today, and i’m still trying to decide what i’m going to do. i’ve got some cleaning i want to get done, and i need to pack for our trip to blue ridge tonight, but other than that i think i’m going to do some scrapping. i haven’t scrapped in forever. i am literally a year behind. i just haven’t had time, and i’ve been so tired lately that i just collapse after work. so today i think i’m going to pop in a dvd and get to work. i’ve had a hard time coming up with new ideas, so hopefully i’ll get some inspiration from some of my magazines and churn out a bunch of layouts before we leave.

new cards

i’ve only done two new cards lately. i’ve been filling orders, but those have been for cards i’ve already designed. the first is an all occasion card i made for someone who used to work with my mom.

all occasion card 1

the second is a graduation card i made for my brother, who is graduating from the university of tennessee at chattanooga on sunday with an english degree. since the only thing you can do with an english degree is teach, write or go to law school, he’s heading back to utc in the fall to work on a master’s in psychology.

grad card 1

the perfect ems card

i’ve been busy making cards for several people lately. joe’s sister asked me to do a thank you card for her emt class. i thought hard and brainstormed with joe, and we came up with the perfect card that characterizes the work that emts and paramedics do. what do you think?

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friday conversations

when i called joe this afternoon, he was in the middle of an important discussion.

“i can’t talk to you right now,” he said. “i’m talking to fran about buying stamps.”

as in stamps for scrapbooking and cardmaking. most people i know who are crafty say their husbands won’t even go craft shopping with them. not only does mine go with me, but he talks about it with his coworkers who also scrapbook. he rocks, but he is in for some mocking from my brother, i think. 🙂