Sunday Confessions ~ 01/20

I’m linking up with Every Day is a New Adventure.

1. I am trying hard to be at peace with possibly only having one child, but I still feel stabs of jealousy when I see someone I know is pregnant. I wish I didn’t and could be completely happy for them but, well, I’m just not to that point yet. Darn infertility.

2. I love being a SAHM but some days my daughter drives me so crazy all I want to do is go back to working full time.

3. Last week after gymnastics, I totally let Lucy eat a donut before dinner.

4. I don’t want to send Lucy to preschool because it will mean she’s no longer my baby.

5. Related: Deep down, I’m really glad her birthday comes after the September deadline for kindergarten so Lucy won’t be able to start until she’s almost six.

Sunday Confessions ~ 01/13

I’m linking up with Every Day is a New Adventure.

1. I totally let my daughter eat Pop Tarts for breakfast. Don’t judge.

2. Related: I have to force my child to eat. As in, I have to tell her every bite to take. She’d much rather be playing.

3. I haven’t read a book in a long, long time. I started one a couple of nights ago, so here’s to finishing it in a relatively short time frame.

4. We usually have the same meals every week because we love them. I try to be more creative, but it’s fun to eat what we like.

5. I nap every day when Lucy does, and I love it. It’s kind of the highlight of my day.

Sunday Confessions

I’m linking up with Every Day is a New Adventure.

1. I’m a texter. I would MUCH rather have a conversation over text than talking on the phone. It drives my husband crazy.

2. We are starting to work on improving our house. I am dying to do EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW. I’m trying to take it step-by-step, but it’s hard.

3. I really want another child but I’m trying to find peace in only having one should another one not be in the cards for us.

4. I eat chips and salsa almost every night. I’m obsessed, and it’s a great “TV snack”.

5. I always wanted to have a little girl but, seeing how Lucy is SUCH a Daddy’s girl and hardly ever wants Mommy, I kind of want a little boy in the hopes that I’ll be the preferred parent.