Week in Smart Phone Pics ~ 17/52

We had a super fun week last week! We cooked together, we played at the park and we went to the carnival, among other things! I can’t wait to take Lucy back to the carnival before it leaves town!



  • Making UV bracelets for Earth Day
  • Got a new Disney Princess baby
  • Made pizza rolls with Mommy
  • Synchronized vacuuming with Daddy
  • Strawberry picking
  • Playing with Grandma and Grandpa’s new dog, Boo
  • Playing at the park
  • And, modeling our new Thirty-One Cinch Sac!

Of course, I had to do a separate collage for the carnival. We had so much fun! Lucy went on a rollercoaster TWICE. She is WAY more brave than Mommy is!



What did you do last week??

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Week in Smart Phone Pics ~ 16/52

Last week, we met an astronaut. This is the second astronaut that Lucy and I have gotten to meet (thanks to Daddy working at a science museum!), and Lucy was ALL excited until, you know, we got UP TO the astronaut. Then, she hid her face against Daddy and was all kinds of shy. Three-year-olds.

Here are pictures from the rest of our week:



  • Feeding Baby Belle
  • Meeting Astronaut Shane Kimbrough
  • Mommy-Lucy lunch date
  • Sliding backwards is WAY more fun than sliding forwards
  • Getting dirty
  • Making cupcakes
  • Finger painting
  • And, bath time after said finger painting.



  • Kitchen picnic with Daddy
  • Mommy’s new Thirty-One Origami Owl locket
  • A girl and her cat
  • Manicure
  • Napping with Daddy
  • Running at the park
  • More sliding
  • And, playing on Daddy’s phone while visiting Nana (Lucy’s great-grandma)

What did you do last week??

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Week in Smart Phone Pics ~ 14/52

We had fun last week celebrating Easter, visiting my family and just hanging out! Last week:


  • The Easter bunny visited
  • And, Lucy loved her Easter basket!
  • Lucy and Mommy posted for an Easter picture
  • And then we went to an Easter egg hunt with our Sabbath Schoo class where Lucy scored big!
  • We painted toe nails
  • A dinosaur ate Mommy’s finger (which makes typing this hard)
  • We took a nap with Dizzy
  • We modeled our “Talking 24/7” shirt (because Lucy talks 24/7. No joke.)
  • And, we dressed up like Ariel for dance party!

We also:


  • Tried to ride Uncle Randy and Uncle Ryan’s old scooter
  • Mommy and Daddy took an overdue self-portrait
  • Took a walk with cousin Marshall
  • And, ate Italian ice!

What did you do last week??

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Week in Smart Phone Pics ~ 13/52

Wow – I have a lot of pictures for you this week! Many are from our surprise trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s Saturday night – I don’t think I will EVER forget Lucy’s reaction when she saw where we were going. She LOVES that place!

Last week we:


  • Did puzzles
  • Got our new Easter basket
  • Hid from pictures
  • Celebrated Passover (you love Joe’s locust mask, don’t you??)
  • Showed off our loot from selling the afikomen
  • Snuggled the night before Mommy’s birthday
  • Had a Crayola Pox scare
  • Enjoyed a piece of chocolate fudge cake for Mommy’s birthday (OK, so only Mommy enjoyed it since Lucy was in bed and Daddy couldn’t eat cake for Passover!)
  • And, had our picture taken in front of the Wes-Man’s truck for Mommy’s birthday (he paints people’s names for birthdays and other celebrations that are called in).

We also:


  • Got new Belle slippers (they’re kind of creepy, right??)
  • Completely mismatched our PJs
  • Walked around town like a redneck (leotard and sneakers, anyone??)
  • Danced like no one was watching
  • Had a princess tea party with Prince Daddy
  • Drew our first face (pretty darn good for a 3-year-old, huh??)
  • Spent time drawing at our new desk
  • Celebrated Easter at church
  • And, Mommy got her awesome new Julep box!

And, we:


  • Posed for pictures
  • And, had a ridiculously good time at Chuck E. Cheese’s (When Chuck E. comes out, it’s like a toddler rock concert, y’all! My kiddo was heard shouting, “Chuck E.!! I LOVE YOU!!!”)!

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Week in Smart Phone Pics ~ 12/52

We had a rather low-key week. We started it off with a trip to Atlantic Station in Atlanta for a free screening of The Croods. We liked it. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad – it was good. Then, we wandered around, listened to Irish music and shopped. It was a great family day!

Here’s what we did last week:


  • Visited Monsters University
  • Saw a movie in 3D
  • Daddy recuperated from his 12 HOUR run
  • Snuggled with the Gabbas
  • Shopped at Target
  • Went on a lunch date with Mommy
  • and got a letter from Team Umizoomi!!

We also:



  • Snuggled
  • Mommy got her first Origami Owl necklace
  • Cuddled with Dizzy
  • Put together puzzles with Daddy
  • and got a new Easter basket!

I wonder what we’ll be up to this week!

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Week in Phone Pics ~ 11/52

We had a less busy week than usual, but that didn’t mean it was any less fun!


This week we:

  • celebrated my Grandpa on the first anniversary of his death with his favorites – root beer and chinese food
  • drank a milkshake
  • practiced driving
  • read books at Publix
  • crossed the finish line with Daddy at his 12-HOUR race (yes, hour – more on that in another post!)
  • and spent the night at a hotel!

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