Week in Phone Pics ~ 10/52

So…it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done this. Sigh. I have been so incredibly busy with some new VA work and spending time with the kiddo (more on all that later). Hopefully, I won’t miss any more week!


Last week we:

  • Dressed up like Ariel
  • Snuggled with AJ
  • Did a jigsaw puzzle
  • Had a lunch date with Mommy
  • Threw pennies into the fountain at the mall
  • Went out to dinner with Mommy and Daddy
  • Made leaf angels
  • Went to church (and insisted on pics as we left)
  • And, drew with chalk.


We also:

  • Played at McDonald’s (and had to wear their ridiculously big socks since we forgot ours)
  • Visited Lucy’s great-grandmother in the hospital
  • Played at the park
  • And, made Kool-Aid!

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Week in Phone Pics ~ 7/52

Oh, did we have fun last week. We did a lot of playing, which Lucy, of course, loved. I think I might start taking her to the bouncy place once a week. I get work done while she plays – it’s a win-win!


  • Lucy did some “work”
  • We played at the soft play area at the mall
  • Lucy made Valentine’s
  • We spent an afternoon at the bouncy place
  • And got cake pops/cupcakes afterward
  • Lucy and cousin Rivka got to hang out when we went to visit Joe’s grandma
  • And, we went on a mommy-daughter date to see the Atlanta Ballet’s Cinderella!

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Week in Phone Pics ~ 6/52

We had another fun week last week with a trip to the park and a couple of trips to Daddy’s work (the local science museum).

Last week we:

  • went to Daddy’s work with friends (and got soaked gem panning!);
  • was twinsies with Tigger;
  • had fun at Family Science Night at Daddy’s work (and got creeped out by Daddy’s fake mustache);
  • snuggled at church;
  • rode our tricycle;
  • had fun at the park as a family;
  • threw rocks into the creek;
  • built with blocks (while listening to 90s music!);
  • and took a magic carpet ride.

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Week in Phone Pics ~ 5/52

How bummed am I that I missed doing this last week? Pretty bummed. It’s fun compiling all the pics I take each week and remembering all the fun we had!

Last week, we:

  • Played at the park;
  • Met a friend’s new baby and fed her;
  • Made a house for Tinkerbell;
  • Took self-portraits;
  • Practiced the “bridge” for gymnastics;
  • Did our nails for the Super Bowl;
  • Played games;
  • Rocked in the middle of the night “just because”;
  • And had a family Super Bowl party after sickness forced us to cancel ours with friends.

I’m linking up with Living Like the Kings. I wonder what this week will bring!

Week in Phone Pics ~ 3/52

Well, 2013 is just chugging along by. I’m enjoying sharing the pictures I take with my phone every week because, let’s face it, that’s how I take most of my pictures.

What did we do last week? We:

  • Had cheers with our drinks at Dunkin’ Donuts;
  • Did some snuggling on the couch;
  • Sang along to Dora Rocks with our karaoke machine;
  • Played princesses with AJ;
  • Went to gymnastics;
  • Made a Valentine’s mailbox;
  • Mommy’s head met her car, and the car won;
  • We dressed up in our clothes for Heaven in Sabbath School;
  • And there was some snuggling with Dizzy at bed time.

We also:

  • Sat with friends at church;
  • Went over to their house afterward for lunch and play time;
  • And, Daddy got Mommy’s favorite – Japanese – for dinner on Saturday night!

All-in-all, it was another good week! I’m looking forward to what this week has in store for us.

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Week in Phone Pics ~ 2/52

Week in Phone Pics ~ 2/52
It was another fun week at our house!

We danced with Daddy and had a princess play date. We were amazed at the fact that it was warm enough to wear shorts, and we put lip gloss on Daddy.

There was stamping, “eating” with chopsticks and playing Chutes and Ladders. And, to end our week, we went to a birthday party for Lucy’s fiance and spent the day together, eventually enjoying dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Bahama Breeze.

I can’t wait to see what this week has in store for us!

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