Tot Trendy Tuesday ~ 02/19/13

trendy tot tuesday

Can I just say that I enjoy buying clothes for Lucy WAY more than I enjoy buying clothes for myself?? Toddler girl clothes are so stinking cute!

I hit up the bag sale at a local consignment store over the weekend, and I scored some great deals on name brand clothes! I refuse to pay full price for kid’s clothes because they grow out of them so quickly. Well, most of them. Whose names aren’t Lucy.

Anyway. Today, I put Lucy in a new skirt I got her with leggings and a t-shirt. The shirt is a *little* big because I decided to buy a size up when I bought a bunch the other day. Other than that, I think she looks SO CUTE. I love, love, LOVE putting skirts and dresses over leggings. Behold, the cuteness:


Love! What are your kids wearing today??