a tale of two cats, part 2

joe and i got take out from outback saturday night because we just wanted to hang out at home and watch a movie. they put our food in paper bags and i thought, the boys would love to play with one of these. so i put on on its side on the floor, put aj in it and they just went at it.

julius decided he wanted to go inside it too, but when he did he stuck his head and one leg through the handle. he flipped out and tore through the kitchen, back through the living room and upstairs. i’ve never seen a cat run so fast. aj and joe were right behind him. i went upstairs and found joe trying to coax julius out from under my bed. he’d ripped the bag when he ran out of the office toward my bedroom, and part of the bag with the handle was still dangling from his neck. we were afraid he’d choke himself, so we dragged him out to get it off.

after the movie, i went upstairs looking for aj and found him huddled under my bed, where he’d been since the incident with julius. when joe came up, aj freaked out and ran from him. we think he got scared seeing julius flipping out like that (maybe thought he was going to die?) and since joe was chasing julius trying to free him linked joe to the incident. we got him out and put him on the bed and petted him and talked soothingly to him until julius walked in and we could say, “see, he’s ok. julius is alright.” after that he was back to his crazy little self.