daddy’s little girl

my dad and i always have had a close relationship. when we lived in maryland we had a weekend house in the woods of virginia. every morning as a little girl when we’d spend the weekend there i’d get up very early with my dad, while my baby brothers and mom still slept, and we’d sit on the couch and he’d read to me. those are the times that he and i both remember and still talk about. daddy-daughter time.

i’ve always been my daddy’s little girl, and i know i always will be. even though i’m an adult now, i still cherish the time he and i can spend together. i don’t see him very often now, since i live in georgia, so sometimes he and i will have lunch when i go to chattanooga for my weekly staff meeting. even though we only spend an hour together, it’s nice. and now i think about the day when he will walk me down the aisle at my wedding. his youngest daughter. yet another, special moment i can share with him.

i always wanted to be like my dad. as a child i wanted to be a lawyer just like him. now i hope to marry someone just like him. i think i’ve found that person in joe. joe and his dad have a relationship that i admire as well. they play catch together. they go to the movies and eat cups of jalapeno peppers together. they roast the turkey for thanksgiving together. it’s interesting how different and yet how similar a dad’s relationship with a daughter and a son are.

now, as i look at joe, i see what an amazing father he is going to be. i see the soft look in his eyes as he sees a baby and admires how sweet and innocent it is. i can picture him playing catch with our son, taking him to little league and cheering him on. i can see him teaching our daughter how to drive and, as he said last night, waiting on the front porch with a shotgun for her to return when we let her start dating when she’s, oh, say, 32.

i know people who haven’t been lucky enough to have a great dad. i’m glad i did. i love you dad.

a not-so-cute cat story

julius is a free thinker. he doesn’t like to be confined. at least that’s what i think he’s trying to tell me when he goes to the bathroom outside the litter box. he uses it just fine during the day, but at night it’s as if it isn’t even there. last night i even scooped it out before i went to bed so he would have no excuse not to use it. it was a vain attempt. i’m about to lose it with him. i’m so tired of getting up every morning and walking downstairs to a stinky kitchen. anyone have any ideas i can try to re-train him??

cute cat story

every morning as soon as i turn on the water in the shower, julius pushes his little orange body through the door and looks at me as if he’s saying, “ok. i’m here now. you may proceed.”

he lays on the rug in front of the shower while i’m in there. if i take too long, like when i shave, he’ll meow a few times to make sure i’m still there. when i’m done and he sees that i’m ok he leaves so i can dry off.

it’s like he thinks something will happen to me if he’s not in there. he’s such a momma’s boy. 🙂

no one gets it right

my name that is. i still don’t understand how utility companies just can’t seem to get it correct. i know it’s unusual, but when i write c-a-d-e-n-c-e on the forms you would think they would put that in the computer. no. it’s candence. or candace. it’s like they think i’m spelling my own name wrong. lol. have you ever had something like this happen to you?

feeling alone

joe left just before 5 a.m. today to head to the atlanta airport for his flight to philadelphia. he and wendy and leah, the two other university relations specialists at georgia state university, are up there until friday at a public relations convention. I’m sure they’ll learn all sorts of fun job-related things and have fun just getting to know each other better, but i’m really missing him. a lot. i didn’t think i’d miss him much more than usual since we never see each other on wednesdays and thursdays, but then i remembered that we email each other all day. so i’m missing that. and i’m missing being able to call him and talk.

we had a good night last night though. he didn’t get home until close to 9 p.m. because of a bad wreck on the interstate, and when he called he said all he wanted to do was to get home and see me. he held me for a while when he got in, and then we went out to get take-out for dinner and watch reno 911. he got me hooked on that show when we were just friends.

so now i’m counting down until friday. it’s going to be a great weekend. we have lots of stuff planned with both of our families for father’s day, which will be fun, but i just can’t wait to see joe.

more stuff about me that you probably don’t want to know :)

taken, yes, once again, from jen

10 years ago, i…
1. …was 15 years old
2. …had just finished my freshman year in high school
3. …was working at the campus kitchen
4. …was much heavier
5. …was still getting used to living in tennessee

5 years ago, i…
1. …was 20 years old
2. …was editor of my college newspaper
3. …was interning at the paper i work for now
4. …lived in the southern accent office
5. …was spending lots of time with my fellow student association officers

yesterday, i…
1. …worked a 12 hour day
2. …worked out
3. …blogged
4. …played with my kitties
5. …watched tv

today, i…
1. …slept in until 9 a.m. 🙂
2. …will work
3. …will spend the evening with my baby
4. …will play with my new cell phone
5. …will go grocery shopping

tomorrow, i will…
1. …work
2. …play with the cats
3. …watch tv
4. …miss joe while he’s in philly
5. …try to write recreationally

5 snacks i enjoy:
1. sweet n salty chex mix
2. barbecue fritos
3. m & m’s
4. hershey’s chocolate
5. wild berry skittles

5 songs i know all the words to, even without the music
1. several backstreet boys songs
2. several by hoobastank
3. a couple by britney (yes, from that phase i was in)
4. this is hard
5. i think that several, several and a couple add up to five though 🙂

5 things i would do with $100,000,000:
1. buy a house
2. buy a bmw z3
3. go on a shopping spree
4. buy lots of fun household items
5. buy new furniture

top 5 locations i’d like to run away to:
1. france
2. england
3. spain
4. australia
5. hawaii

5 bad habits i have:
1. picking my fingers
2. being bad with money
3. reading too much into things
4. eating too much junk food
5. spending too much time on the computer

5 things i like doing:
1. watching movies with joe
2. going to the park with joe
3. shopping with joe
4. taking pictures of me and joe
5. relaxing with joe (sense a theme here?? ;))

5 things i would never wear:
1. tight rolled jeans
2. daisy dukes
3. shirts that don’t cover my stomach (if i had a flat stomach, that is)
4. panty hose with flowers on them (yes, i HAVE seen someone wearing them)
5. shirts that make my stomach stick out

5 tv shows i like:
1. survivor
2. the amazing race
3. trading spouses
4. wife swap
5. the bachelor (again, sensing a theme??)

5 movies i like:
1. how to lose a guy in 10 days
2. 13 going on 30
3. the sixth sense
4. sweet home alabama
5. kate and leopold

5 famous people i’d like to meet:
1. meg ryan
2. brad pitt
3. julia roberts
4. bill clinton
5. jennifer garner

5 biggest joys at the moment:
1. my honey
2. my two great cats
3. being loved
4. thinking about the future
5. being praised at work