my little thief

aj has a security blanket. it’s this fuzzy ball that hangs off a string attached to a pole. he drags that toy everywhere. i hear it jingling in the kitchen. i hear it jingling in the living room. i hear it jingling on the stairs. i hear it jingling on my bed at 3 a.m. the other day i came home to find his toy hanging half in the litter box. yes, my adorable little cat felt he had to take his toy with him to the bathroom. minutes later it was lying in his food bowl. he’s so cute.

that said…

aj is a clepto. yep. he’d do serious crime if i ever turned him in. i was on the phone with joe the other night while i was putting clothes away and noticed my bathtub stopper on the floor.
me: hey, aj took the bathtub stopper out of the bathtub and put it in the closet.
joe: yeah, i caught him the other morning carrying my razor downstairs.
when i move out we’re going to find a stockpile of everything we’ve been missing. aj probably laughs when he hears me complaining about not being able find something. little clepto.

my piggy cat

i am eating some of my breyers 98 percent fat-free cookies and cream ice cream (my new absolute favorite. go. get some now. you will love it.) while i’m writing my story because it is oh so hot out. julius is sitting on the desk staring at the ice cream, which is on my computer table. he cranes his neck and moves one paw forward, then moves it back. it’s like he’s mentally figuring out how he’s going to get the ice cream. then he looks at me as if to say, “come on, can’t i just have one bite?” i can’t even leave the room to get anything. i don’t trust my sneaky little boy. but, i let him lick the bowls. see. i’m not such a bad mom!


this diet thing is really frustrating me. my scale says i’m losing weight yet my clothes seem to be fitting tighter. joe says it’s all in my head. it might be. but it’s depressing me. i just want to be thin again.

i’m getting a headache

that’s probably because my neighbors’ friends have been knocking and pounding and banging on the door next door for the last, oh, 10-15 minutes. i think i’ve lost count. i really don’t understand this. it happens at least once or twice a day. if there are no cars here MAYBE NO ONE IS HOME. did we ever stop to think about that possibility? i just heard one of them say, “maybe he left.” no shit sherlock. maybe if i yell loud enough they’ll hear me through my window. and now their car starts up, the doors slam, and they back out of the parking space. finally. sigh.

my biggest pet peeve

are people who leave shopping carts in the middle of parking spaces. is it really too difficult to walk about two spaces to put the cart in the cart return spot? are people really that lazy? it just really bugs me when i find a great space only to discover a cart has been abandoned there. i saw someone leaving their cart in the middle of a space one day. i said something very loudly to joe about how rude it was. i hope they heard me. 🙂

summery weekend

i had a fantastic weekend. on saturday, joe and i went to my parents’ house and had lunch with the family and visited with them, one of my brothers and my grandparents. that night we went to dinner at the dalton depot, my favorite restaurant in dalton, and then to see wedding crashers. that movie was absolutely hilarious. you all must go see it. now.

yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the pool at joe’s apartment complex. i laid out for a while, and then we played around and swam for a couple hours. we had fun and got quite a bit of exercise in, which is good. later that night, i discovered i got burned on my shoulders and back. and when i say burned, i mean really burned. i guess when my medicine says “avoid direct contact with sunlight” it means it. i figured maybe it would stop making me burn so bad. this morning when joe woke me up at 6:15 (yes, 6:15, now wasn’t that just so nice of him), he said, “cady? cady? where are you? oh, there you are. you’re like a chameleon against the sheets, but i can see your teeth.” yeah. i didn’t find that so humorous.

last night we were watching extreme makeover: home edition (i just love that show because they do such a good thing for good, deserving people) and the family included two deaf parents, a blind and autistic son, and a normal son. i was amazed at their story and how much the older son has to do since he’s the only one who can see and hear. the whole show was so sweet i cried. and it prompted the question, which i asked joe: which would you rather be, deaf or blind. he immediately answered blind, and i asked him why. he said, “because then i wouldn’t be able to see how beautiful you are.” that made me cry again because it was so sweet. and i’m not allowed to go any further, so we’ll just end it here. 😉