stop the madness

in the span of one day gas has gone up 30 cents here. it’s now $2.99 for regular unleaded. my parents said where they lived it went up 40 cents overnight. and the sad thing is, it’s only the wednesday before a holiday weekend. yes, labor day weekend is approaching and atlanta is rationing gas. two lines to bring fuel into the city are down. i’m worried that that will reach up here as well. it’s just not good. not good at all. the lines at the pumps today were insane. i was glad i filled up at 4 p.m. at $2.89 because at 6 p.m. when we went to the grocery store it was up 10 cents. i just heard on the news that $4/gallon gas is not unlikely. and i’m not doubting it now.

it’s just hard that it’s getting to the point where i have to choose between food and gas. food and seeing joe. that’s hard. i don’t want to have to digress back to only seeing each other on the weekends, but i have a feeling that’s what’s going to happen in the very near future, and it’s not making me happy.

and i think what really bothers me is that this probably could have been avoided. or at least curbed a little. we’ve had gas crises in the past, but did anyone stop and say, hey, maybe we should come up with a plan to prevent this from happening in the future? no. not really. guess it wasn’t important then. we can come up with all the plans we want now, but it’s not going to help. not in the short term at least. and that’s when we need it, not 10 years down the road.

a brief quiet moment

those are few and far between this week. my house has been in pandemonium since the arrival of joe and dizzy on friday. my boys ran to greet joe, then julius backed off when he saw the diz.

the three cats went into the kitchen where julius followed dizzy around, sniffing his butt, and aj followed suit behind julius. it was quite humorous — a butt-sniffing cat line.

now that aj and dizzy remember each other from past visits to joe’s, they’ve been running all over the house wreaking havoc.

first, aj watched as dizzy staked out the laundry area, looking at what he can get into or knock over.

then, dizzy showed aj how to get into the freezer.

finally, they decided to rest together at the top of the stairs.

dizzy also decided he likes to sleep on my saucer chair in my office, which happens to be julius’ favorite napping spot. so after some hissing and slapping, julius let dizzy use the chair for the rest of his time here and has been moved to the top of my mini refridgerator. poor guy.

and what have joe and i been doing while he’s been here this week on vacation? we’ve been watching tv and movies, playing video games, reading and laughing at the cats. it’s been a fun, fun week.

our new game

joe and i have created a new game. it’s called cat curling. basically, we take turns sliding aj across the kitchen floor to see who can get him the farthest. hehe. aj looks thoroughly confused, but we think it’s hilarious. and he gets rewarded with treats, so he’s a happy camper.

*disclaimer: no cats were hurt in the playing of this game*

breakfast in bed

joe got up this morning at 6:45, saying he was going to check on the cats. just a few hours earlier we had thrown them out: dizzy for licking a plastic bag incessently, aj for being a party to the crime, and since we could leave just one cat in there, julius was evicted as well (but i was just sleeping! he argued).

fifteen minutes later, joe woke me up holding a plate of waffles and a glass of juice. “i made you breakfast in bed,” he said. “i’ve been planning it since last night.” he even remembered to bring peanut butter with the syrup (those of you who have never tried peanut butter and syrup on waffles must do so). it was so sweet. it made my day.

self portrait friday

tomorrow is self-portrait friday over at katy’s. i haven’t been able to participate because of camera and computer issues, but those are resolved so now i can. yay!

tomorrow’s theme is…what gets you worked up, stressed out and worn out. joe helped me come up with the perfect idea. i seriously should have thought of it on my own. so go. now. start thinking. and play tomorrow. i want to see your pictures!

self portrait friday

that’s right, it’s time for self portrait friday, courtesy of katy.

today’s theme is friends. this is a picture of some of my college friends, the ones i served on the student association with. we worked together, complained together, helped each other and shared many, many late, late nights in the student center together. but we created a bond we’ll have for a long time.