no more blood

my arm hurts.

that may be because it took about 15 minutes for the nurse at my rheumatologist’s office to draw my blood yesterday. usually it flows right into the tubes. yesterday, she had to push on my arm to coax the blood out.

“looks like this vein is drying up,” she said to me.

not so funny. really. it’s not.

“so what, my arm’s going to fall off now from lack of blood?” i replied.

she laughed. i didn’t.

my lab has never been so painful. for five years they’ve used the same vein in the same arm. never had a problem. i thought blood just kept replenishing itself.

oh well. next time we’ll be using the other arm. i don’t care if it isn’t as convenient for them.

my poor kitties

you would have thought i was beating julius to death.

he screamed bloody murder this morning. what was i doing? trying to put on his flea collar. he doesn’t understand it’s for his own good. he doesn’t understand he (and i) will feel better when he and (and aj) are flea-free.

and he doesn’t understand this will look like heaven to him tomorrow.

that’s right. a new cat’s comin to town. joe’s spending next week up here with me for his vacation (have i mentioned how absolutely fabulous my boyfriend is??), so he and dizzy are coming up tomorrow night. aj already knows dizzy and loves him, although for dizzy it’s merely toleration. julius has no clue this is happening. and he doesn’t like new cats–or new people–very much. hell, whenever my parents come to visit julius runs and hides under the bed.

hehe. i get so much joy from my cats.

i can’t believe these are real

joe told me about this site. it’s hilarious. absolutely hilarious. go. visit. tell me what you think.


this exchange took place yesterday when i was trying to cheer joe up after a long, exhausting day.

me: i’ll have the (braves) game on when you get here so you can watch it.
joe: only if we change it at 9 p.m. to big brother.

i don’t think i know any other guy who would say that! this is just one of the many reasons why i love my boyfriend!


i hate dusting. i hate having to take all my books and knick knacks off my bookcases to clean them. and so my book shelves are dusty and probably should be cleaned. joe doesn’t mind dusting. this is perfect. we’ve come up with a deal: when we get married he will do the dusting and i will do the other cleaning. it works for me. and if he does want to help me with the other chores (like the bathroom cleaning and the vaccuuming) i won’t turn him down!

when mom’s away…

joe elbowed me yesterday afternoon as we’re sitting in the movie theater, munching on popcorn and waiting for the 40 year old virgin to begin.

“what?” i said.

joe pointed to his right, and i leaned across him and his friend john to see two teenagers seriously making out in the row right across the aisle from us. we started to laugh. the entire theater starts to laugh as the boy pulls his girlfriend into his lap and starts furiously running his hands through her hair.

“any second now they’re going to be on the floor tearing off clothes,” i told joe.

just then, the boy’s mom comes back, steps into the aisle and claps loudly to break them apart. then she steps over them to her seat. the guy behind us leaned up and said to us, “that was better entertainment than the movie’s going to be!”

we were still laughing as the previews started. the moral here: don’t make out in a movie theater when your parents are with you. in fact, just don’t do it at all.