so the last couple weeks i’ve been counting calories religiously and have been eating under the number i calculated on a calorie calculator for when i don’t exericise. i haven’t been able to exercise much because i’ve been off my enbrel for several weeks now and it’s too painful to work out. so why is it that i’ve been eating under my allotted calories and i’ve still gained a pound? how can that be? i am so frustrated right now. i don’t know what else to do.

questions, questions, questions

i stole this from renee

1. nervous habits – picking at my fingers

2. are you double jointed – no

3. can you roll your tongue – no

4. can you raise one eyebrow at a time – no…i’m beginning to feel very untalented

5. can you blow spit bubbles – yes

6. can you cross your eyes – yes

7. tattoos – never

8. piercing – not yet. i want to get my ears pierced though.

9. do you make your bed daily – sometimes 🙂


10. which shoe goes on first? right

11. speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone? no

12. on the average, how much money do you carry? – bank card and checks. i rarely carry cash. maybe i should.

13. what jewelry do you wear 24/7 – the ring joe gave me.

14. favorite piece of clothing – pajamas


15. do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it – both

16. have you ever eaten Spam – never

17. do you use extra salt on your food – yes, but it’s that light salt.

18. how many cereals in your cabinet – one. i’m addicted to lucky charms.

19. what’s your favorite beverage – coke zero, coffee

20. what’s your favorite fast food restaurant – quiznos

21. do you cook – yep


22. how often do you brush your teeth – at least twice a day

23. hair drying method – hair dryer

24. have you ever colored/highlighted your hair – highlights. need to do them again.


25. do you swear – yes, but i try not to.

26. do you ever spit – no

27. animal – the two cutest cats in the entire world, julius and aj.

28. food – pasta, potatoes, corn. joe can tell you how often we eat these. 🙂

29. month – march. it’s my birthday month!

30. day – sunday

31. cartoon – looney toons

32. shoe brand – birks

33. subject in school – journalism, of course

34. color – pink and purple

35. sport – baseball and i’ve been getting into nascar

36. tv shows – desperate housewives, gilmore girls, extreme home makeover, survivor, big brother, the amazing race, the apprentice (sensing a theme?).

37. thing to do in the spring – go to the park

38. thing to do in the summer – go to the pool

39. thing to do in the autumn – sweaters

40. thing to do in the winter – sit by the fireplace and drink hot apple cider

41. in the cd player – wilson phillips. i love them.

42. person you talk most on the phone with – joe

43. reading – blogs, nicholas sparks

44. do you regularly check yourself out in store windows/mirrors – why would i want to see myself??

45. what color is your bedroom – white

46. do you use an alarm clock – yep, joe’s wakeup call

47. window seat or aisle – window. gotta have a place to lean my head when i sleep.

48. what’s your sleeping position – on my side, on my back, against joe, tangled up.

49. even in hot weather do you use a blanket – yep and the ac’s pumping.

50. do you snore – SOMEONE says i do, but i disagree.

51. do you sleepwalk – no

52. do you talk in your sleep – apparantly i do sometimes.

53. do you sleep with stuffed animals – two furry cats!

54. how about with the light on – hallway light on if joe’s not here. i’m scared of the dark.

55. do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on – no

56. last interesting person you met – a man who just turned 100 and still takes care of himself, drives, farms, etc.


on friday i will find out if i have to have surgery. i always freak out about the anesthesia, so i am very, very nervous. my doctor thinks i have endometriosis, which is where the tissue in the uterus grows outside the uterus. the weird thing is, i’ve read that most women with endo have normal immune systems. mine is anything but normal since i have rheumatoid arthritis and my immune system attacks itself.

the fun thing is that my doctor says in order to determine if i have endo i have to have the laparoscopic surgery. basically, he says they’re going to make two incisions and fill me up with gas so they can see what’s going on, burn off the scar tissue, etc.

so i’ll be on edge for a few more days now. at least i’ll know one way or the other. that’ll take away a little bit of the stress. i think. please pray for me! i need it!

the, um, joys (?) of living in the south

i live in the south. southerners like their football. they like pro football, college football and dangit they love their high school football.

at least here in happy dalton they do. that’s why it took me, oh, 30 minutes instead of five to get home from walgreens today. every road in my route was blocked off because this is homecoming weekend at dalton high school and what homecoming weekend would be complete without parading the football players and cheerleaders around town. on the city’s fire trucks.

now i am all for school spirit and town spirit, but i get a bit disgruntled when i have to drive all around town to find a way home just to discover that that route too has been blocked.

sigh. i just hope there isn’t a fire.

you learn something every day

yesterday was exhausting. absolutely exhausting. i arrived at the 7 p.m. meeting i had to cover a few minutes early to do interviews beforehand. i put my purse in the trunk as i always do and slammed it shut.

then i realized that my car keys were in my purse.

i always put them in my pocket, but for some reason i slipped them in there like i do when i get home. the fire chief had just pulled in, so i asked if he or any of the firefighters could help me get into my trunk. he figured there would be some way to get in through the back where the convertible top comes down, but he didn’t know how to do it. so he called one of the firefighters who has an autobody shop, and he swung by on his way home.

todd found his way in through the back quickly, but my purse was toward the front so he couldn’t reach it. then, as if he had just realized something, he opened the glove compartment and pushed the button that opens the trunk.

heh. i felt dumb. but at least now i know what to do if i lock my keys in my trunk again (hopefully i won’t have locked the doors as well!).

today i called the fire department to ask todd a question. the first thing he asked when he got to the phone: “hey, cady, lock your keys in the trunk again??”

sigh. it’ll take me a while to live this down i’m sure.

hittin’ the road

that’s right, my little guy is leaving home. aj got very upset with me today after i repeatedly tossed him away from the computer cords under my desk. apparantly me throwing him (gently, of course) across the room and saying, “aj don’t do that” in a very loud voice means, “hmmm. it’s ok to pull this plugs out of their sockets.” yes, i can see how that can be misconstrued, can’t you?

after the third time that i tossed him away from the desk this morning, aj jumped up on my tv, said a few choice words to me (they were little meows but i’m sure under the circumstances they were choice words), and when i turned around he was plotting his route. yep. he was transfixed on my map of dalton, studying it very intently.

i thought that was pretty darn cute. i tried to get his attention, but he wouldn’t give me the time of day.

well, at least julius will be thrilled.