halloween fun

joe’s office goes all out for halloween. with this year’s western theme in mind, joe and his friend came up with the greatest idea. dressed in dirty clothes, and with dirt on his face and a bloody hand and brain on a plate, joe was the sole survivor of the donner party. i thought it was great. he was planning on taping “donner, party of one” several times on his tape recorder to play but ran out of time. when i told my parents about his costume, my mom thought it was sick, and my dad thought it was great.

well, today he won third place in the costume contest, beaten by a cow, the second place winner, and an indian that won third place. i think portraying the donner party is way more creative than dressing as an indian or a cow. but i wasn’t a judge, so i digress.

we just had one of the best weekends ever. it was so relaxing. we shopped, and joe bought me the cinderella dvd. that’s the only disney movie i don’t have either on dvd or vhs, so i was really wanting it. my plan now is to get them all on dvd (but alas, beauty and the beast is already locked back up in the disney vault. sniff sniff.). we went out to dinner. we watched movies. i read. he played video games. it was fantastic.

tonight i head back down, minus the boys, to hand out candy to trick or treaters. silly joe didn’t buy any chocolate. how can you buy halloween candy and not buy chocolate? so i will be driving down laden with chocolate to give out to the kids. too bad i don’t have a costume.

counting my blessings

i’m sitting here watching women on the maury show shaking and crying because their husbands abuse them, both mentally and physically.

one woman says she’s not allowed to look men in the eye. another says she’s not allowed to use the phone without her husband’s permission. and yet another says her husband picks out all her clothes and she hasn’t worn a skirt in years.

and the men? i think the statement that stood out to me the most was, “women who don’t obey their men deserve to burn in hell.”

excuse me? i’m still reeling from that one. watching shows like this makes me wonder how many women are living like that. it makes me angry to hear men talk like that and treat women like their property and not human beings. and while i sit here and say, “why don’t they just leave! why do they let them treat them like that?” i try to think how i would act in that situation. it would be so hard to leave.

i’m so glad i’m in a relationship where we treat each other as equals. we say “i love you” all the time, and joe tells me every day how sexy i am, not that i need to lose weight like some of the men on this show do. i’m very lucky. i need to remember that more often.

almost to a diagnosis

for six months i’ve been dealing with pain in my pelvic area. i’ve been to, oh, at least four or five doctors and two hospitals, and have tried probably every medicine known to man.

i’m still not better. now that the blood test came back negative for an infection my doctor says we’re going to have to do a laparoscopy, which is where they make an incision in my belly button and stick the device in to see what exactly is going on in my uterus. we think it’s endometriosis, where the tissue grows outside the uterus. this doesn’t sound very pleasant to me. i hate surgery. i’m scared to death. i’m scared of being put to sleep and not waking back up and never seeing joe and my family and friends again. i’m going to be a wreck. so, when my doctor’s nurse called yesterday to tell me this, i wasn’t really a happy camper. and joe, being the wonderful boyfriend that he is, drove up (even though he’d already come up on tuesday) because he knew i needed him.

he promises me it’ll be alright. i’m sure it will be…just so long as i’m doped up before i go in.

going to the car wash

today i gave my trusty (or in some cases not-so-trusty) car a wash. it was in desperate need. it looked more gray than white. heh. so, since it’s wednesday which is ladies’ day, aka $2 off for women (according to the sign it is ladies day), off to the car wash we went.

now here in dalton, we are fortunate to have not one but two, count ’em two, car wash/detail places which happen to be about a block from each other. we are, apparantly, quite special. i went to the cheaper one because an outside wash will be the same at both places and i’ll take $3.99 ($2 because i’m a girl!) as opposed to $7.99 ($2 off there too) anyday.

i pulled up to the wash and after the nice man pre-washed my car, it started to move down the line. as the blue octopus-looking things started smacking down on my car, i started to think back to when we were younger. we had a cabin in the woods of virginia, and we went almost every weekend. on the way down, we always stopped for a car wash. my brothers were only 2 or 3 at the time, and every time we would go under the octopus-looking things they would throw their matching blankets over their heads, sreaming and crying until we were done.

it was so cute.

now every time i go to that car wash i smile as i think about my brothers and the car washes. it’s nice to relive memories. especially the ones that still make you laugh.

different personalities

i have so much fun watching my cats interact with each other or just play by themselves. they have such distinctive personalities. they’re both momma’s boys, but julius is more territorial and protective while aj is more outgoing and personable. here are some things i’ve observed over the last few weeks.

-whenever someone knocks on the door aj comes running and looks up to me as if to say, “it’s for me!”

-when dizzy and julius chase each other up and down the stairs, aj is always a few seconds behind them, wanting them to wait up.

-i put my contact case on my bathroom sink. i found it on my bedroom floor. the next day it was on the office floor, and today it’s on one of the stairs. my little clepto, aj, has been moving it around.

-aj eats with several of his toys, namely his mice. they’re his security blankets. i’ve watched him pick up a mouse, take into the kitchen, drop it in his food bowl and then eat.

-joe bought the cats a pack of mini mice the other day. dizzy and julius played with the mice. aj trotted around the living room carrying the empty box in his mouth. he’s crazy.

-julius has to make sure i’m alive and well when i take a shower. he sits on the floor in front of the shower, and when i call to him, he pushes his head through the shower curtain. aj’s joined in as well now, and he sits on the edge of the tub so i have a double line of defense.

-aj likes to sleep in my hair. he’ll get onto my pillow and bury his face in my hair and fall asleep. it’s so cute and comforting.

those are just a few funny anecdotes about my cats. i love having them around. they’re so loveable and so funny.

countdown to next weekend

i hate two-day weekends. i never want them to end. this weekend was no different. it was so relaxing. joe came up friday night, and i made vegetable soup from scratch and low-cal crescent rolls. it was really good. we read for a while and then went to bed.

on saturday, joe went running in the morning, and then we went to church and to my parents’ for lunch. it was fun seeing my parents and grandparents and one of my brothers. it’s always nice hanging out with them. joe fits in quite well. 🙂

joe spent sunday morning watching the thrashers game he had taped saturday, and i watched a couple episodes of sex and the city before making our breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes, vegetarian sausage links and hot apple cider. after breakfast we went to the park so joe could run and i walked. then it was off to walmart to get copies of my house key made, the dollar tree because i absolutely love that store, blockbuster to rent some movies, and cicis to pick up a pizza for lunch. we spent the afternoon/evening watching a movie, napping and watching tv.

sigh. i didn’t want the weekend to end. now we have next weekend to look forward to. on tap, the meeting of our parents.