what’s up?

i’m still here. and alive. just not blogging or reading any blogs. sorry. life’s been so busy, and we’re not getting our internet hooked up until next week after we move into our new apartment. sigh. i’ve been going through serious withdrawals! so how are all of you doing? i’m doing fantastic. life is good. cats are good. joe is good. and now i am off to trivia at the pub. it’s the first time i’ve been invited since it’s usually a boys thing. woo hoo. i will blog about our anniversary weekend complete with pics (you’ll find some of them quite hilarious i think) once we get the internet hooked back up at home. oh, and the most adorable picture of all three cats. it’s very hard to get three cats to pose for a picture. heh. and now i am rambling, so i am off.

remember me?

okay, okay, so it hasn’t been *that* long since i’ve posted, but i’ve been having blogging withdrawals. guess that says a lot about my addiction, huh? not much going on in our world right now. i started my new job, and i love it. we had a fabulous weekend in atlanta, which i will post about once i get the pictures developed. my cats are still getting used to the idea that joe’s house is now their house. they keep waiting by the door like they’re ready to leave. haha. joke’s on them. and on dizzy who hides in the closet every so often for some peace and quiet.

i’m ready for thanksgiving. i love thanksgiving. i love the food (mmmmm…this must be why i need to diet. heh.). i love spending time with my family. joe’s leaving tomorrow to head up to his parents’ cabin, so i’ll have tomorrow night to myself. i’ll miss him, but it’ll be nice to have a me night (and to have a chance to completely turn his place into mine. haha). he’ll meet me at my parents’ house thursday night just in time for two hours of donald and his apprenticeses. woo hoo! let me tell you, that’s the highlight of his week. heh.

and now that i’m rambling about nothing in particular i think i’ll stop. bet you all wish i’d stayed in seclusion now, huh? 🙂

friday forum

i’ve joined up on friday forum, and i’m answering this week’s questions a little early, but that’s ok. this week’s theme is thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. if any of you want to do this too, post a comment so i can come read your answers!

1. what do you plan to do for thanksgiving? (are you cooking? staying at home? going to visit family?)
i am spending thanksgiving at my parents’ house. we have a late lunch every year with my brothers and my grandparents. it’s wonderful. i can’t wait to share it with joe.

2. what are some thanksgiving traditions that you have?
our only tradition is our traditional meal every year. we have the same thing, and it is wonderful. we have the same meal at christmas too. mmmm. i’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

3. what is your favorite thing about thanksgiving?
spending time with family. i don’t get to see my family much, and now that i’m moving even farther away i’ll see them even less. it’s nice to spend the time with them. and it’ll be nice to spend the holiday with joe’s family too when we start alternating.

4. do plan to start christmas shopping after thanksgiving or are you already finished?
i bought one present today, but most of it will be done after thanksgiving. i need to start thinking of ideas. my brothers and dad are always hard to shop for!

5. think about what you are blessed with and list them if you’d like.
wow. i’m blessed with so much. i have a wonderful boyfriend, a wonderful family, a good job, two crazy great cats, great friends and god. times have been tough, but i’ve never had to go without. that’s a blessing in itself.

my weekend is almost here

today is my last day at the paper. i’m sad. and scared. i’ve been a journalist for four years, and now, though i’ll still be a journalist, it won’t be the same. i’ll be writing three-sentence stories instead of 15-inch stories. i don’t want to stop writing. i’ll have to find some way to continue. maybe i’ll start freelancing.

on a brighter note, this weekend will be mucho fun. tomorrow we’re going to my parents’ house for my dad’s birthday. he *loves* harry and david, and when i saw a harry and david store a few weekends ago, joe and i decided to make him a basket. we got his favorite fruit flavored chocolates, chocolate truffles, nuts and a coffee mug in a pretty basket. i know he’ll love it.

on saturday we’ll head down to atlanta to celebrate our one-year anniversary. we’re going to muck around during the day (joe promised me lunch at johnny rockets, one of my favorite restaurants. they make a fantastic veggie burger) and then he has a fancy schmancy night planned with dinner at the palm and a night at the atlanta marriott marquis.

on sunday we’re stopping on our way home to have brunch with lori, a friend of joe’s from work, and her husband. then it’s back to cartersville to relax with the crazy kitties and prepare for my first day at the new job!

i’m so excited. bring on the weekend!

rethinking the future

i just got some very disheartening news from my rheumatologist. whenever joe and i decide we want to have children i will have to go off all my medicines except my prednisone.

this is not good. let me put this in perspective for you.

i’ve was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis five years ago. my doctor started me off on prednisone, a steroid, and methotrexate. the pain didn’t decrease, so he tried plaquenil. then arava. now i’m on enbrel, a medicine that requires usually at least a month-long preauthorization process with insurance companies because you have to prove you’ve tried and failed with several other medicines. enbrel costs about $1,500 a month without insurance.

so to go from enbrel to only prednisone is a big, big thing. i’m not sure i’m liking the idea too much, so i’m going to make an executive decision. no children for us. at least for now. 🙂

thrifty shopping

i am beginning the daunting task of packing up my house for the move south. i hate moving. i dread the thought of having to track down boxes and then load everything up. luckily most of the stuff stored in my closets are still in boxes from the move to dalton.

i went to walmart today in search of something to store my sweaters in the few months we’ll be staying in joe’s current apartment. one closet is hardly big enough for two of us! it’s hardly big enough just for my things!

i found a stackable storage compartment that i liked for $15, but then decided on a rubbermaid container for $6. as i looked around i noticed a large storage bag for $3. i figured it was worth a shot, so i picked one of those instead. if i need another one, it’ll only be $3, i thought. i was able to fit all of my sweaters, sweatshirts, dress pants, jeans, shorts and a few t-shirts in the storage bag — more than i probably could have fit in the rubbermaid and much more than i would have been able to fit in the stackable compartment and for much cheaper. i love finding a good deal!