prescription junkie

i filled out a consent form for a pre-employment drug test tonight in which i had to list all the medications i’ve taken in the last 30 days.


category 1: pain relief pills

category 2: cold tablets
claritin d and benedryl

categroy 3: other medications or substances
prednisone, methotrexate, enbrel (thank you rheumatoid arthritis), glucophage, doxicyclin, kariva

“have i missed anything?” i asked joe, ticking off the medications on my fingers.

“they’re going to think you’re a junkie,” he said.

*nod* a prescription junkie.

unexpected surprise

i was sitting here at my computer posting a blog entry when i asked joe to get a pen out of one of my office supply storage boxes in my office closet. i kept typing, not thinking anything of it.

“i love you,” joe says.

i look up from my screen, puzzled at this out-of-the-blue comment, but i replied, “i love you too.”

then i saw this look on joe’s face, and i knew what i had done. i sent him rummaging through my closet forgetting that the photo collage i had made for him for our one-year anniversary was hidden there.

i burst into tears and, burying my head against his shoulder, cried for several minutes. i was so upset. i had worked so hard to surprise him, and i had ruined it. when i looked up at joe i noticed his eyes looked a little red around the edges.

“that’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me,” he said.

and at that moment my surprise didn’t seem so ruined anymore.

moving on

my parents have always told me that things will happen when they’re meant to be. i’ve been searching and searching for a job in the metro atlanta area so joe and i can get married next year. and i’ve been getting more and more stressed out with the numerous applications that went unanswered.

but today, i got a job. i am the new night news reporter at wbhf am1450 in cartersville. i am so excited. i’ve been praying about this, and i prayed that if this job was god’s will for me then i would get it. and i did. i really didn’t think i would. it was between me and someone already working in radio. i didn’t think i had a shot.

i’m still coming down off my high. i feel so much lighter. all my stress is gone. i can now start working on our wedding knowing for sure that we will be getting married next year. sigh. i can’t wait. we’re already working on getting our apartment. we’ll hopefully be moved in by january. with my engagement ring. 🙂 that’s all i’m waiting for now. joe says it’ll be within the next month or two. it’s all good. i can wait.

the search

joe and i have begun house hunting. we both would rather have a house when we get married than an apartment, so i started browsing online today. i figure if we start now we may have everything wrapped up by our wedding next september (that date is pending a few things that hopefully will be cleared up soon).

this is one we both really, really like, so i think we’re going to make an appointment to go see it. i got the pictures off the realtors web site.

the exterior. how cute is this house?!

this is the kitchen. i love the hardwood floors.

the dininig room.

the living room, complete with fireplace which is a must-have in any house we buy.

the master bedroom.

the nursery. see. it’s got a room already desigated as a nursery. it’s a sign. it’s time for us to have kids once we’re married. 🙂

another bedroom

and the finished basement, which we probably will use as a rec/exercise room for now. i told joe whatever house we buy has to have space we can use as an exercise room.

i’m in love with it already. i can’t wait to go see it!