and the doctor says . . .

that it sucks to be me. hah. i saw my primary care doctor today to discuss my glucose tolerance test and my weight problems. she explained that even though my blood sugar levels are completely normal my insulin levels are not. they’re abnormally high. that means my body’s producing way too much insulin. that means all the calories i take in are converted to fat. that means i gain weight. blah. the glucophage should help lower the insulin production but it isn’t supposed to start taking effect for 3-6 months. and, since the pancreas just stops producing insulin at a certain point, when i reach that point i’ll be diabetic. blah blah blah. stupid genetics. heh.

the solution? become a carnivore. hehe. my doctor says i need protein, especially since i don’t drink milk or eat eggs and cheese. i *need* to cut down my carbs but those are what i live on. she says i can start eating meat again (not going to happen), eat tofu and/or soy meat (hate tofu and not a big fan of soy meats) and work out “harder than most people (however, the arthritis makes my knees give out earlier than most people). i think i’ll start working on the protein problem by eating beans. i like beans. beans are good. and more veggie. veggies are good. i figure if i only eat carbs for one meal a day i’ll be doing well. heh. even if i cut down to two meals a day i’ll be doing better. i have to have my toast for breakfast! guess we’ll see how this goes.

weight woes

the engineer at our station told me that my problem with losing weight may be due to the fact that i’m a vegetarian. he said the lack of protein from meat may cause me not to lose weight. now a couple years ago i lost about 40 pounds, but i was on a diet program that dictated i eat only about 1,000 calories a day, which i don’t think is all that healthy. what do you all think about this new theory regarding vegetarianism?

well i’m off to do laundry, make myself a frozen pizza (joe’s at a basketball game at georgia state tonight without me. sigh. no fair.) and relax and maybe unpack a few boxes. depends on if it interferes too much with gilmore girls. haha.

halfway done

well i’m completely moved out of my old house. joe and my brother ryan were there until 1 a.m. moving the last boxes and cleaning. i got off work around 8:30 p.m. and had to go straight home to start breaking down boxes for ryan to pick up and take back with him to dalton. they didn’t want me to drive up there, so i worked until 1 emptying boxes, putting things away and just trying to start orgainizing our new apartment. sigh. and there’s still so much to do. i want to get our christmas tree this weekend though, so i hope i have it done by then. tomorrow joe will start working again on moving out of his old apartment. blah. this is the move that never ends.

this is it

no more moving. at all. when we move into a house we’re hiring movers. enough said. heh. let me tell you, our 10 hour day on sunday was hell. it was bad enough for me and stacey packing up the final boxes, helping put boxes on the truck and retrieving things for the boys, but they lifted heavy furniture and boxes all day long. joe was so sore and exhausted last night, as was john. i felt so bad for them. i wish i had been able to lift the heavy stuff with them.

all in a day’s work

tomorrow i will be in federal court. i’m not covering a case, nor am i the defendent. i’m a witness. *sigh* about two years ago, a dalton attorney was charged in a case involving a man who scammed churches and religious groups out of millions of dollars by getting them to buy into a religious resort that didn’t exist. this lawyer, who represented the scammer in several bankruptcies, was hired to filter money by dolling it out to this man or his girlfriend or pay for purchases. when he was charged with 40 counts of money laundering, i got an interview with him.

that’s why i’m going to court tomorrow. apparantly the prosecution has witnesses who contradict what the attorney said in my story. i hate this part of the job. i’ve gotten a subpoena before, but i wasn’t called. i was hoping this one would end up the same way. no such luck. i just want to get it over with. they’ve been putting me off since thursday since trials never go as fast as they expect. i really don’t have time for this considering i have a couple more things to learn before 1 p.m. tomorrow for when i start my actual shift next week. *sigh* all in a day’s work.