say cheese!

we got our engagement pictures today. a friend of ours who is a photographer at the local paper took them for us as our wedding present. i think he did a great job. we went to the local park where there is a pond, gazebo and bridge. i think it’s a really pretty background. some pictures i like better than others. now we must make copies for the families and *gasp* pick one for our announcements in the newspapers. which one do you all think we should use?

i love surprises

joe told me on friday that he had a surprise for me. yesterday, i got it.

i was sitting in bed, reading, when he told me to close my eyes. when i opened them, i was surrounded by rose petals, and my breakfast was there waiting for me. we snuggled together amidst the petals, eating our breakfasts, watching “house” on dvd and just having some “us” time. it was wonderful. that definitely was *the best* way to wake up.

the search continues

we are *still* trying to find officiants from both our religions to conduct our wedding ceremony. the chapel we’ve chosen has an officiant, but we’d both rather have co-officiants from our religions. it’s been a lot harder than i thought it would be to find a pastor and rabbi to co-officiate. most don’t do interfaith weddings. we thought we’d found a rabbi, but it turns out he’ll be in israel for his nephew’s bar mitzvah the weekend of our wedding.

the chaplain at the academy i attended said he would do it, but he’s not sure if he’ll be in town since it’s labor day weekend. *sigh*

and so the search continues. now that we have the site and photographer booked, this is my first priority for a while. it may take until our wedding day, but i’m determined to pull this off.

checking off the list

we booked our wedding location today! we’re getting married at the historic james county courthouse. i’m excited for several reasons. not only is it a very pretty location, but we’re getting *everything* there. they own a local florist (whom i’ve bought flowers from before, so i know the quality), they do their own catering and they have their own photographer. we’ve seen his shots and they’re great. what a load off my mind. i think it’s so much simpler to deal with one place for everything. here are some pics of the courthouse. it’ll look a lot prettier when the trees are blooming and the grass is green. 🙂

this is the front (obvious, i know)

and this is the back. the ceremony will be in the back, and we’ll have reception tables outside in the back as well as inside.

a chat with customer service

finally our internet is back up. it went down sometime tuesday night, and our cable company finally made it out today.

i had a very nice chat with a customer service representative at blue cross, blue shield the other day. *cue dripping sarcasm* here is how our conversation went:

me: hi. i’m calling to find out where my preauthorization for my medicine stands.

her: your doctor sent it to the wrong department. it will take three to five business days to send it from here to medical records.

*how can it take three to five business days to be sent interdepartment??*

me: why didn’t your department give my doctor the correct number when she called?

her: she didn’t ask.

*apparantly saying, “please give me the number i need to fax the preauthorization information to” does not mean “please give me the CORRECT number to fax the preauthorization to.*

me: i’d like to speak to a supervisor

*i figured more than a month of dealing with this is long enough when theoretically — and i use that term loosely — it is only supposed to take seven to 10 days.*

her: i don’t have one who can talk to you.

me: i’ll hold.

her: they’re all on the phone.

me: i’d like one to call me back.

her: that’ll take 24 to 48 hours.

*of COURSE it will take 24 to 48 hours! and i still haven’t heard from anyone…*

sigh. i hate insurance companies.

the weary traveler

my brother just returned from a two-week trip to taiwan. he went to see the country and learn the culture, as well as to speak to students. he and his girlfriend, who picked him up from the airport, stopped by a few minutes ago to say hi and give us some gifts. he brought me a good luck bracelet with my name and the date he got it engraved on it. he also gave us a good luck cat figurine, taiwanese coffee (can’t wait to try *that* in the morning!) and taiwanese honey. yum.

during his 18-hour flight home he had a layover in denver. before the plane could takeoff for the leg to atlanta, five people had to get off because “the plane was too heavy to fly.” that’s just a bit disconcerting to me. i think i’d volunteer to get off! what do you all think?