i got my dress!

i tried on two dresses, and that was it. i had found the one. (no worries…joe knows not to look, and he doesn’t want to.) i was at david’s bridal for an hour and tried on a total of six dresses (three styles and various sizes) plus the bridesmaid’s dress so i could tell everyone how it fits. that also included trying on the veil and picture taking. sigh. what a fabulous day.

then we headed to the courthouse and loved what we saw. i think we’re going to book it. joe and my brother got there half an hour early, so they went on in.

“we’re here about the joe and cady wedding,” joe said. “i’m joe.”

the lady at the courthouse looked at joe, then looked at my brother and then back at joe. “we can’t do those in tennessee,” she said.

lol. classic story.

lazy afternoons

all three cats and one fiance are sleeping. i am bored. and so i blog.

tomorrow we are hosting a superbowl party. somehow we always get stuck hosting, although that means i don’t have to go to someone else’s house, so there is a bright side. tomorrow also is the day i am going wedding dress shopping and we are going to scout out our wedding location, so it will probably be a rushed trip (*sigh*) as joe’s friends are always early. i will be coming home to a testosterone-filled house. maybe i will curl up in the bedroom with some girly movies.

on a happy note, I’M GOING WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! hehe. i’m excited. my mom and grandma are going with me, so it should be fun. hopefully i won’t feel too fat. i have several picked out that i’m going to look for. hopefully i’ll find the one i have in mind.

last night as we were leaving after service’s at joe’s temple, his future brother-in-law hugged me and said, “bye sis.” then he said, “wow. i’m going to have a sister. i’ve never had one before. this is so cool!” i thought that was neat. i told him sisters are way better than brothers. and of course, i’m right. i always am. i’m marrying into a fun family. i can’t wait. 🙂

i want a chip and dip server. i found one i liked at mikasa, but i can’t find it online. that means i have to go back up to the store. *sigh* which leads me to my next question: why are only selected items put online? for instance, i was looking for dinnerware we liked in a lighter color, but i couldn’t find that online either. blah.

i want to write a book. i’ve always dreamed of being a published author, but no matter how i try i can never come up with a decent plot.

i’m addicted to joe’s poker game for the xbox. i feel like i’m getting good. now i have the urge to go to vegas. i love vegas. i love the fact that you can go down to the casino in the middle of the night and play. it’s fabulous. and the free drinks aren’t bad either.

i wish i could design webpages. i want a new one for www.cadyandjoe.com for after we get married, but i pretty much suck at designing.

i came up with *very cool* favors for our wedding. i’m making them myself. i can’t wait to see how they turn out. they’re totally “us,” which makes it even better.

it *really* annoys me when people park in the handicapped spaces here. granted, i don’t think there are any handicapped people live here, but it’s the principle. you don’t park in handicapped spaces. i feel like calling the sheriff’s office and having the cars ticketed. are they really so lazy that they can’t park a few more spaces away?

happening again?

i went to the chiropractor yesterday. i’ve been having a lot of pain on my right side, and joe thought it might be from something like a pinched nerve, so off we went to see linda, a friend of ours from kiwanis.

but, it’s not musculo-skeletal. when linda pressed down on the right side of my abdomn the pain was excrutiating. she intitially told me it was probably my appendix. fantastic. not exactly what i wanted to hear. last night at the pizza party our club does for the children’s shelter here, she told joe that after thinking about my prior ovarian cyst and endo there’s a strong possibility it could be another ovarian cyst. *sigh* i can’t decide which is worse. hehe.

the fun part of being engaged :)

we’ve started doing our wedding registries! it’s so much fun. we went to target last saturday night, and joe had *way* too much fun with the scanning gun. he’d hold it with both hands and shout, “duck! duck!” and then pull the trigger. it was hilarious. he’s really enjoying the registering though, which is nice. one of his friends is getting married in march and his fiancee has gone to register alone. that would *not* make me a happy camper!

today we were at the outlet mall in calhoun and decided to register at mikasa. i *love* mikasa. we mainly went for our formal and casual dinner sets, which i really hope we get.

this is what we picked for our formal china. it’s called cameo platinum, and we love the simplicity.

and this is what we chose for casual diningwear. i loved the style of the mugs and bowls, which is what sold it to me. hehe.