it’s almost friday

what a week it’s been. it’s been incredibly busy. i had late meetings last night and tonight, and joe worked late tuesday night and tonight. tomorrow night he’s taking his dad to see the second city comedy troup, which is a present, so i’ll be on my own again. it’s been weird not seeing joe much at all this week. i got a lot done though. tonight i worked out and cleaned, and tomorrow night i plan on having our pizza night without him (ha ha!) and just vegging out. saturday is mine though. i want his undivided attention. 🙂

on a funny note, joe called on his way home tonight and said a girl at the seder he was covering was flirting with him. what’d he do? he whipped out his phone and said, “would you like to see a picture of my fiancee?” hehee. 🙂 what a way to shoot her down! good boy! 🙂

26 years

at this time 26 years ago, my mom had only been a mom for 20 hours. i was born at 1 a.m. at mount sinai hospital in baltimore. a few weeks ago, joe saw the pictures of me as a baby and a young child with my cute smile and thick, wavy hair. oh to be that young again when all i had to worry about was time to play with my toys. but getting older is great too.

i had a fabulous birthday weekend, which began yesterday with the traditional birthday lunch with my parents, brothers and grandparents. on the sabbath before each birthday we celebrate by letting the birthday person choose the meal and have the “special” plate, a red plate that says “you are special.” by the way, the almond wedding cake was *fantastic*. last night, joe and i went shopping for tim and mindy’s wedding present, and we bought cake mix to make my birthday cake, but only got so far as baking the two cakes (it’s a round, layered cake) before heading to bed around 12:30. at 1 a.m., joe’s alarm went off. “happy birthday, sweetie,” he said before we both fell back asleep.

this morning, joe made me waffles for breakfast and gave me my two smaller presents: the movie fever pitch and an 80s compilation. we love 80s music. my big present, a kate spade purse i’ve been wanting. i love kate spade, and i’ve been so into purses lately. my next plan is to save up for a gucci purse. 🙂

this afternoon was spent at tim and mindy’s wedding. i hung out in the groom’s room with the groomsmen, and leah, the other groomsman’s girlfriend, and i made a snack run because tim hadn’t eaten all day, and the other boys were hungry as well. the photographer they hired was unbelieveable. one of the first things she said was, “bear with me, i’m new at this.” that was painfully obvious by the way she stood in one place to shoot the boys playing pool in the groom’s room or tim and mindy’s first dance. she also forgot to take a picture of the wedding party. joe had to remind her of that as she told everyone she was done. the wedding was really pretty though. i enjoyed it.

after the wedding, we stopped by joe’s parents’ house to pick up some goodies, chat and change, and then headed to olive garden, my *favorite* restaurant for dinner. we were *starving* by the time we got there because we’d had only a few doritos for lunch. it was delicious, and we had such good conversation ranging from our wedding photography to more serious issues. one thing i love about our relationship is the deep discussions we have together.

now it’s home to watch our regular shows, desperate housewives and grey’s anatomy, decorate the cake, blow out the candles and eat a slice before heading to bed. a perfect ending to yet another perfect birthday.

t-minus 2 days

i love this time of year. the sun is shining, the temperature is warm and my birthday is in two days. i will be 26. wow. i am now beginning to have a love-hate relationship with birthdays. i love the presents, but i hate the getting older. hehe.

this birthday is going to be fantastic. my birthday cake is going to be a test cake of my wedding cake!! yay!! we picked an almond cake, which i’ve heard are fantastic, so i hope i’m not disappointed. i know i won’t be. wow. i can’t believe we’re going to be testing my wedding cake. that’s so cool! oh, and joe has picked out his groom’s cake: a cookie cake! he loves them, as do i, so it was perfect. he’ll be making an emergency run to the mall the day before. 🙂

in other wedding news (which i’m sure you all are bored of by now!), i have started ordering my bridesmaid’s gifts. they’re kind of expensive (since there are six of them), which is why i’m starting to order them slowly now, but i think it’ll be cute. i hope they all like them.

and now it’s off to start the day. i have to get a new driver’s license and tag before i go to work. hopefully that won’t take my whole day. those lines at the drivier’s license center are always horrendous! happy friday everyone!

for when you’re bored

you must play this game. it’s one of those great, highly-addictive games. i pretty much suck at it. i think my best score was four seconds, as opposed to joe’s 25 seconds. if you try it, let me know how you do!

bye, bye weekend. *sigh*

i love weekends. i get sad when sunday night rolls around because i know another work week is about to begin.

this weekend was another great one. on saturday we went to church at my old church because my grandpa from california was giving the devotional for this youth rally that’s been going on. afterward joe, my brothers and i went to my grandpa’s seminar. then it was on to my parents’ for lunch. it was nice getting to chat with my parents and update them on the latest wedding news, and it was so nice to see my grandpa. since he lives in california we rarely get to see him, and i miss him a lot. he got kind of emotional talking about my wedding. hehe.

oh, and the best news: we have our officiant problem worked out. my grandfathers, who are pastors, can’t marry us, but they want to give the homily, whicih is what i wanted in the first place. we’ll just have the rabbi officially marry us. everything seems to be falling into place.

when we got home, we napped for about an hour, and then joe headed to dave and busters in marietta for his friend tim’s bachelor party. they had a rather tame, but fun, night playing games and then heading to hooters for dinner. i had a “me” night. it was really nice. i curled up on the couch with my take-out chinese and a glass of merlot and watched some of the o.c. season 1. it was very, very nice. i just love hanging out in my pj’s.

we didn’t do much yesterday. i worked on cutting clips out of my many, many, many old newspapers. we watched mission impossible 2, the press your luck marathon in honor of the death of host peter tomarken. his death was really sad. joe and i are huge press your luck fans. he was a good host. oh, and we used our brand new belgian waffle maker that joe’s parents gave us as an engagement present yesterday. those were fantastic waffles. yummmm. last night we did more relaxing and watched the simpsons, extreme makeover: home edition and grey’s anatomy.

what a great weekend. one of those you just don’t want to end.

friday forum

i haven’t done friday forum in a while, but i thought the pet topic was a good time to start back 🙂 if you do this, comment and let me know so i can see your answers!

1. about how many pets have you had throughout your life?
19. twosome, julius the first, pumpkin, frisky, sally, sam, frisky jr, newspaper, blacky, max, zach, elvis, colby, harold, macavity, julius, aj, caesar, dizzy. the last four are mine and joe’s. the others were or are family pets.

2. which pet was your favorite and why?
i can’t pick just one. pumpkin was the first cat that was “mine.” the boys and i each had “our own” cats although they were the family pets. and, of course, julius, aj and caesar are because they were my pets when i moved out. julius was the first cat i got on my own, so he’ll always have a special place in my heart.

3. how many pets do you have now? what are their names?
we have three at my house: julius, aj and dizzy. there are six family pets: frisky, sally, elvis, zach, harold and macavity.

4.if you could have any kind of animal as a pet, which one would you
choose and why?
a cat. i just love cats. they’re so cuddly and loving. they’re fantastic.

5. do you think some people become a little too obsessed with their
pets? why or why not?
i don’t think people get obsessed with their pets. i think they find cute ways of showing how much their pets mean to them, such as talking about them as if they were their children (which i do) or dressing them up.

ooops..forgot the family dog…the only ones i can remember are the ones that are alive now: zelda, gold, dexter, honey, ninja

animals keep either getting dumped off or just showing up at my parents’ house and no one in our family can turn away a stray. 🙂