hello. my name is cady, and i’m a purseaholic.

the truth hurts. one of my favorite stores is ross, and we happen to have one here in cartersville. as i told joe, i cannot be trusted to go in there alone. i stopped by on my way home from work tonight looking for a messenger bag for the honeymoon. i thought it would be easier to carry that rather than a purse (and joe can carry it as well!). i found one that i think might work.

i also found two additions to my purse collection. the first is a cute red liz claiborne. i fell in love with it, and it adds color my black and brown bags. this is a really bad picture. hopefully we will be getting a digital camera soon!

the second is a light blue ralph lauren. it’s a casual purse, which i really needed for my more casual outfits.

i have around 20 purses. that’s a conservative figure. one of joe’s friends once asked me why girls are so addicted to purses. i have no idea. maybe one day i’ll figure it out. for now, i must find something to keep my collection in.

i’ve been tagged!

laura tagged me for this, so here we go…

five movies you can watch over and over again:
1. fever pitch
2. sweet home alabama
3. anne of green gables (i’m with you on this laura … i actually asked my mom where my movies were the other day!)
4. how to lose a guy in 10 days
5. notting hill

five embarrassing songs you know all the words to:
1. hit me baby one more time — britney spears
2. achy breaky heart — billy ray cyrus
3. miami — will smith
4. oops! i did it again — britney spears
5. stronger — britney spears
yes, there was a time when i liked britney spears. i am hanging my head in shame.

five memorable halloween costumes:
1. a crayon — we used to have a weekend home in the country in virginia and the neighborhood would have progressive halloween parties. when i was little my mom made crayon costumes for me and two of my friends there. we were pretty darn cute.
2. a french maid — i was little. do *not* read into this (ahem, joe!)
3. a farmer — i went as this to a halloween party at friend’s house in high school, complete with my stuffed pig. hehe.
4. myself — i have no imagination.
those are all i can remember. 🙁

five celebrities you believe may secretly be aliens:
1. tom cruise — scientology speaks for itself.
2. britney spears
3. cynthia mckinney — she’s not a celebrity so to speak, but she’s a public figure so i think she counts.
4. ashlee simpson
5. eminem

five occupations you could never hold:
1. kindergarten teacher — i don’t think i’d be good at teaching little kids.
2. nurse — i’m not good with blood, sticking people with needles or bathing/helping people go to the bathroom. oh, and the fact that i probably couldn’t pass nursing school eliminate this one.
3. doctor — echoing my blood sentiments
4. construction worker
5. lawyer

five books you’ve recently read outside of school:
1. confessions of a shopaholic — sophie kinsella
2. shopaholic takes manhatten — sophie kinsella
3. shopaholic ties the knot — sophie kinsella
4. shopaholic and sister — sophie kinsella (i had to read the whole series)
5. the devil wears prada

five ways to perfectly spend an afternoon:
1. at the park
2. at the pool
3. shopping
4. reading
5. watching movies

not your 5 favorite foods, but the 5 you’re most likely eating:
1. rice and corn (happens to be a favorite)
2. peanut butter sandwiches
3. subway veggie subs
4. grapes
5. reduced fat pringles

five lines you blatantly stole from a movie, tv, a commercial, or song:
i can’t think of anything. man i’m a boring person. heh.

five people who must immediately respond:(don’t worry “immediately” is relative)
1. jennifer
2. jenny
3. kjersten
4. liz
5. lisanne

oh, the pain

my legs are blindingly bright. lobster red doesn’t even begin to describe them. our outing yesterday to a rome braves game resulted in my thighs and face getting sunburned while the rest of my legs stayed pale. i’ve been smothering my legs in aloe vera, but that hasn’t done much to ease the pain.

at least the game was worth it. it was a nice day, albeit very hot. we had fantastic seats in the seventh row right behind home plate. there were scouts clocking pitches and scoring the players sitting right behind us, which was pretty neat. a few others rating the opposing team were sitting a couple rows ahead of us.

the game lasted 10 innings after the braves blew a four run lead. oh well. it was still fun. we walked around a lot and moved out to the patio and home run hill in the outfield for part of the game. it was just wasn’t as exciting as the atlanta games. minor league games never are. but that’s ok. they’re fun in their own way.

checking off the checklist

i can finally relax. we found co-officiants for the wedding. the young adult pastor at my church and a cantor from atlanta have agreed to perform the ceremony, and my grandfathers, who are both adventist pastors, will give homilies. it will be very nice — most likely a little longer than anticipated, but nice. we have to do pre-marital counseling with both officiants, so we should be the world’s best prepared couple when we’re finished.

last night was a very relaxing end to an otherwise hectic week. we met after work at los reyes, our favorite mexican restaurant. we got our usual waiter, and he greeted us with an exhuberant, “hola amigos!”

“hola!” i replied.

our waiter has my order down. i always choose the same thing: a chimichanga with beans instead of meat, no cheese or sour cream, and a side of rice. joe decided to change his order up. after our yummy meal and discussion of politics, we headed out to browse around target for a bit and then decided to get joe’s finger sized at friedman’s. when we arrived, joe said, “i need to get sized.”

the clerk said, “for what?”

“what else do you guys size here?” joe asked.

the three girls sitting behind the counter laughed.

after that, we decided to hit up brusters, a yummy ice cream stand in town. i usually get a peanut butter cup — vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate, whipped cream and a cherry — but this time opted for an orero blast. joe chose an oreo milkshake. yum. we walked around a bit while eating our ice cream (because calories don’t count if you burn them off while you take them in, right??), but we ended up not eating much of our very overpriced desserts. oh well. it was still a very nice evening, one we may have to repeat more often.

enjoying the day

here are a couple of pictures to show how my boys are spending their morning. surprise surprise, huh? they love the sun, and they love sleeping, and sleeping *in* the sun is just like heaven to them. lazy bums. hehe.

i think this one is so cute with julius’ paw over his face. awwww.


sinutab sinus, oh how i love thee.