allergies: 3; cady: 0

my allergies are kicking my butt.

this is day three of being sick from the wonderful creation we know as hayfever. apparantly, sinus drainage (sorry everyone!) can make you feel like you have the flu. i didn’t know that until this week. man, i’ve felt like crap. i’ve been dizzy and had headaches and basically been nauseous 24/7. yesterday, i could barely make it through my newscast. i couldn’t even go to passover at joe’s parent’s on wednesday night because i was too nauseous to drive two hours roundtrip. on the brightside, i haven’t been able to eat much so hopefully i’ll lose a few pounds. heh. and last night joe brought me a card, which had messages from him and the cats. it was so sweet. sigh. when he got home i was laying in bed, and julius was laying next to me with his paws around my arm. i think he can tell i’m not feeling well because he’s been hanging around and cuddling up to me more than usual. i’m just ready for this to be over. i’m ready to feel normal again and to be able to breathe.

did someone call 911?

i set off the alarm last night at work.

i arrived back from my meeting, punched in the code and sat down at my desk to look through emails and get my soundbite off my minidisc. all of a sudden i heard siren and alarms, and when i looked down the hall the glare from the light made it look as if the back door was ajar.

i grabbed my phone, car keys and key card and ran outside. i was there alone, and i didn’t know what was going on. i called our station manager and as i was waiting for him to arrive i heard the distant sound of police sirens become louder and louder until i saw two police cars tear onto our street, pull into the parking lot and literally swing up by the sidewalk, jumping out, prepared to secure the building.

“are you here for this building?” i asked, pointing toward the station.

the female officer nodded. “do you work here?”

“yeah. i guess i accidentally set off the alarm.”

“are you sure?”


i had to sign a form stating i had accidentally set off the alarm, and when my manager arrived he walked through to make sure everything was ok. apparantly when i punched in my code i hit alarm rather than off. hehe. guess i should have realized something was wrong when the red light didn’t change to green, but at least we know it works now!

talented collegiates

last night was the talent show for the university of tennessee at chattanooga’s honors program, which my brothers are in. they performed two songs that randy wrote, so joe and i made the trek. and, my sister was in town, so joe finally was able to meet her, her husband and their three kids.

the talent show was an ecclectic mix. the boys performed songs with piano, drums and guitar and there were several other guitar pieces amongst the broadway song, the french opera piece and the classical piano.

then, came the cake icing. yes, you read correctly. one girl showed off her talent, which was icing a cake. joe and i thought the “icing the cake” in the program was some sort of song. hehe. she wheeled out her table with one already iced cake and one not iced, which she used to show us how to put on two layers of icing (so there are no crumbs, of course) and how to fold the icing over the top. then she used the already iced cake to show us how to make the border and the flowers.

then, it was back to the musical stylings of the other students. what an interesting mix of talents.