updated condition

poor aj threw up about four times. twice joe said it looked like small pieces of ribbon had been thrown up. he’s back at the vet now being monitored, and we’re going down around 3 p.m. when the vet comes back to see what will happen next. he may have to have surgery to get the ribbon out of his stomach.

poor, uncomfortable aj

after watching aj in increasing misery and agitation and his inability to go to the bathroom in 12 hours yesterday, we decided to take him to the emergency clinic. the poor little guy just was not feeling well, though who could blame him after his snack of 30 inches of ribbon.

the vet couldn’t find the ribbon in aj’s x-rays, which he said meant it could still be in his stomach. he did say that aj was constipated and his small intestine was enlarged, so he gave him an iv of fluid to try to help him go to the bathroom.

joe got up every two hours last night to check on him, and *warning: this may get a little gross* chopped up everything in the litter box to see if he could see the ribbon. he couldn’t, so we can’t tell if he went to the bathroom or not.

now, our vet has told us to bring him in this morning for a recheck. we’ll see what happens.


aj ate a piece of ribbon. a 30-inch piece of invitation ribbon, to be exact.

i noticed him chewing on the piece we had cut for dizzy to play with so he wouldn’t bother us. then i noticed it was gone. i still don’t know how he ate that without us noticing.

joe called the vet. his first question? “what the hell was he thinking?”

now we’re monitoring the little guy to see if it passes from either end. if not, the doctor said he’ll have to use an endoscopy tomorrow to get it out. we both laughed picturing that. poor guy. i told him this is not going to end pleasantly for him.

i think it’s starting to hit him now. he’s curled up behind the futon, and he doesn’t look comfortable. i hope everything will work its way out tonight. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

invitation question

do you fold the flap of the inside envelope in or leave it out? i have no idea!

rethinking the crime

i was writing a story the other day when i heard on the scanner an officer being dispatched to a local pharmacy because of a shoplifting in progress. i continued listening as i wrote, and several more officers also were dispatched.

about ten minutes later, the first officer asked the dispatcher for a miscellaenous case number. “the subject has decided to pay for his items,” he said.

i couldn’t help laughing. i guess it just takes three cops to make a criminal change his mind!

why i hate living in an apartment, reason no. 1

all i can hear right now is the person below me slamming a door. it’s like she’s opening it and slamming it, and opening it and slamming it, and opening it and slamming it, and opening it and slamming it. i think you get the picture. 🙂

man. so now i’m walking around and stomping my feet. it’s kind of fun. two can play this game. 🙂