moving up in the world

joe and i have finally made it to the 21st century. we just bought ourselves a digital camera. really. don’t laugh. i had one (a hewlett packard), but it really wasn’t very good. the pictures tended to be pixelated. we knew we needed a camera for the honeymoon, so we decided to go ahead and get it now so we can have it for this weekend and the parade i’m in next week. our camera is a canon powershot with 5 megapixels and a 4x optical zoom, and we love it. we’ve already been taking picture after picture of the cats. hehe. they love it. every time we aim the camera at aj, he rolls over on his back and curls his paws. it’s so cute!

speaking of this weekend, we’re heading to atlanta after our first pre-marital counseling session for the braves-orioles game. it will be the only time joe and i will be enemies. i’ll be sporting my orioles shirt, screaming the “o” in the “oh say does that star spangled banner” line of the national anthem, and cheering my boys on to victory. and yes, i say victory because even the worst teams are doing better than the braves are right now. it’ll be hard because i’ve become quite the braves fan, but i have loyalty to the team i grew up with, even though none of the players i knew are on the team now. it’ll be fun to watch the o’s play again and think back to games at camden yards.


for the last two days i’ve gotten *horrible* headaches, and let me tell you, the dance music blaring from the pool party going on behind us is not helping. i’m all for a party, and we’d probably be there if i was feeling better, but all i want right now is some peace and quiet. and the pizza and breadsticks joe’s gone to pick up. ok. i’m done with my venting now.

is help really so helpful?

a number of people have offered to help me with the wedding preparations, and i am eternally grateful. i know they’re doing this to alleviate some of my stress. however, i find that i’m even *more* stressed out because now i have to wonder if things will get done on time. i hate not being in control of things, because i feel that if i’m not doing them they won’t get done.

i wish there was something i could do to stop thinking like this and destress just a tad!

67 days to go

i can mark two more things off the list. i booked my hairdresser (big sigh of relief!), and i got in touch with the woman who will be preserving my bouquet. apparantly, she works with the chapel where we’re getting married, and i just have to leave my bouquet there and she will pick it up. that is a load off my mind. i was trying to figure out how to get someone to take it up to dayton (about an hour from my parents’ house) on a holiday weekend.

the preservation is pretty cool. she can put the flowers in three kinds of encasements: domes, frames and boxes with domes on top. i’m thinking right now that the dome would be neat. a frame probably would be more practical, but i like the idea of my bouquet being preserved in a dome better. then i can put it on the mantle next to our unity candle.

speaking of unity candles, we picked out the one we want. we’re getting it from things remembered so we can have it engraved.

man. i can’t believe how close it is! i can’t wait!

dress stress

when i bought my wedding dress in february, i asked the saleslady what i would have to do if i gained weight before the wedding. “oh, we can let the dress out two sizes, and each size is about 15 pounds.”

if i gained 30 pounds, i would scream. i was scared to death i’d gain weight, considering i bought my dress so early (neeeever listen to the people at david’s bridal). it was bad enough having to buy a dress labeled two sizes larger than i normally wear. i did *not* want to have my dress let out.

now it’s 72 days until the wedding and my dress still fits perfectly. except for the top, that is, where i’m not big enough to fill it out (why couldn’t my fat go there instead of to my stomach and thighs??). and i’m still losing weight, slowly but surely. i’ve lost a pound a week for the last three weeks. maybe the glucophage is *finally* kicking in. so i’m a happy camper. except i think my hips look too big in the dress. 🙂

for all those who are married

i have a question for you. i’m thinking about my something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new, and i’m stuck on the something old and something borrowed. what did you do for yours? i’m trying to think of something that isn’t jewelry. any suggestions??