the etching on the glasses

i somehow forgot to include what is etched on our glasses in the last post. mine says: “cady, wishing the best future for a special sister,” and joe’s says: “joe, wishing the best future for my new brother.” it is very sweet.

the toasting glasses

my younger brother amazes me sometimes. he always brings thoughtful gifts home from the family after his trips to europe, but this time he blew us away. he returned about a week ago from a trip to europe with a group from the academy we attended. saturday was the first time joe and i had seen him since his return, so he hadn’t been able to give us our gift. i had been told it was special, but i wasn’t prepared.

he had bought us hand-blown and decorated wine glasses from venice to use for the toasts at our wedding. they are absolutely gorgeous. this picture does *not* do them justice. the designs are made from 14 carat gold. on the bottom, he had messages etched to each of us. they’re incredible. i’m so scared something will happen to them between now and the wedding, since we do have three rambunctuous, destructive cats. heh. i’m doing my best to keep them safe. i can’t wait to get my mom’s china cabinet down here so i’ll have a safe place to keep them. our wedding toast is going to be so much more special now that we’ll be using glasses that have such a special meaning to us.

our ketubah

we picked out our ketubah last night. a ketubah is an ancient hebrew marriage contract. it’s written in hebrew but also has the english translation. this is what we’ll sign during our ceremony, with our dads signing as witnesses. i think it’s a great wedding tradition. my parents thought it was really neat when they saw it at rachel and dave’s wedding. we picked ours because it has the tree of life on it.


the car stopped at the lowered bar at the train tracks is the third i’ve seen waiting in the last half hour. the only problem is, the train isn’t moving. at least once a day, a train passing through cartersville stops on the tracks and blocks the intersections. i’m always amused by the people who just sit there while others drive by them, turning to take an alternate route. maybe they think it will move in just a few minutes. just a few minutes more. just a few more minutes…

sweet surprise

i had a long day and a late night tonight with a meeting that didn’t get over until close to 9 p.m. needless to say, i was tired when i got done and left. i picked up taco bell (completely ruining my good, carb-free diet today) because i didn’t feel like cooking or making joe cook, and headed home.

when i tried to go into the bedroom to change, joe started to laugh and said, “i didn’t realize you were bringing home dinner.”

he had put candles in the bathroom, stuck my two bottles of bubble bath near the tub, hung my robe and plugged in the cd player so i could enjoy a nice, relaxing bubble bath. that is seriously one of the sweetest things he’s ever done. i really do have the greatest man in the world!

the never ending checklist

i still can’t believe how much there is to do before the wedding. we went to chattanooga sunday with joe’s parents to scout out hotels and restaurants for the rehearsal dinner. we decided on the country inn and suites to block off rooms (although if people want to stay elsewhere they have that option), and i think we’re probably going to go with carrabas for the rehearsal dinner. rachel had hers there as well, but i don’t think it matters if we do ours at the same restaurant. the food is good, and italian is a good choice for both the meat-eaters and my vegetarian family.

i’m a little overwhelmed at what i still have to finish. it’s hard to work it in around my job. in the next two months i have to:

  • finish the newspaper we’re making as a favor
  • order three more bridesmaid’s gifts and my flower girl’s gift
  • find a bra to wear with my dress
  • schedule and go to my dress alteration appointment
  • order the yarmulkes
  • finish writing up the program and place the order at the printer’s
  • pick out songs for the reception
  • meet with the people at the chapel to discuss:
    painting the columns and wood on the outside of the courthouse
    reception menu
    ordering the cake
    setting up for the wedding
  • meet with the photographer
  • meet with the dj
  • five premarital counseling sessions
  • schedule my hairdresser
  • get the white carpet
  • get bubbles for the guests to blow as we leave
  • pack for the honeymoon
  • schedule waxing, manicure and pedicure

    i don’t even know if i have everything down. that’s all i can think of right now. i’m sure there’s more. there always is. i’m just counting down now until all this is over! 🙂