shoes, shoes and more shoes

i have too many shoes. either that or my closet is too small. i was tired of seeing a pile of shoes on the closet floor, so i decided to organize them this morning. i put most of my tennis shoes on the shelf next to the towels, and then began lining up my dress shoes and work shoes. i even threw some out that i don’t wear anymore, and the rows still almost cover the closet floor.

speaking of shoes, i bought my wedding ceremony shoes saturday night. i kind of wanted something a little dressier for the ceremony, and i know joe did, so off i went, back to the store i bought my wedding flip flops from. i tried these shoes on last week, and i absolutely loved them.

they’re comfy because they have the style of a flip flop, but they’re much dressier. the heel is not too tall, but it’s narrow, so i’m going to have to practice walking in them.

i just love these shoes! i keep picturing how they’ll look with my wedding dress. sigh. i wish september would get here more quickly!

technology advances

my cell phone began dying today. the piece inside that connects to the charger was loose and fell out sometime between yesterday and today, which meant my phone couldn’t charge up. i was down to one power bar, so i figured it was a perfect opportunity to get a new phone. 🙂

we thought we’d have to pay the full price plus the fee for not getting a plan, since we’re in the middle of our 2-year contract, but it turned out my number was the primary number and it had qualified for an upgrade. it’s amazing how things work out sometimes. so i am now the proud owner of a silver motorola razr for only $80.00. woo hoo. this phone is so cool. it has voice dialing, so i can record someone’s name in the address book for their number and when i say it the phone will call them. fantastic. i can also put a picture with someone’s address book entry, and the picture will pop up when they call. that’s cool too.

my next plan is to get a bluetooth so i don’t have to hold the phone all the time when i’m in the car. i hate doing that. it’s distracting and dangerous. it’s so nice to be able to justify anything.

i love surprises

joe told me he had a meeting today after a funeral he had covered. i knew i wouldn’t be able to talk to him for at least an hour. as i was in the production room recording my headlines, i saw joe pull up in front of the station. i ran outside, and saw joe with a dozen yellow roses and a bag of reeses cups (which had mysteriously opened and spilled…hmmm…). i was so surprised! usually i have a feeling when he’s going to do something like this, but i was completely taken by surprise today. i loved it! i seriously have the best man in the world!

speaking of work, i forgot to tell you all about joe’s new job. he is now the director of communications for the greenfield hebrew academy in atlanta. this will definitely open up the door to bigger pr work in the future. i’m so proud of him!

wedding shoes

whenever i buy dress shoes they feel fine at the store. but when i’m out in them, they hurt bad. really bad. i couldn’t even wear my shoes at joe’s sister’s wedding. i ended up ditching them after the ceremony.

i don’t want to be in pain on my wedding day. this is why i’m thinking of wearing flip flops. i’m not thinking your every day flip flop, but a dressier, cuter one. i found a couple that i like.

i like this one. i just wish i could have found the picture in white.

i like the wedge on this one. it might mean less hemming for the alterations.

so what do you guys think? help me decide!

sales, sales, sales

i love the bath and body works semi-annual sale. i would have completely forgotten about it if i hadn’t been reminded by lisanne. the only bad thing is that it is only a three-day sale and ends today. i had to work late last night, so joe headed up to dalton to use my mall gift cards. i would have *loved* to have seen him in there. he said he had two sales girls helping him find everything on my list. hehe. last time i sent him to b&bw, he and my brother had quite the time figuring out what kind of sponge to get. lol.

the sales girls gave him a blue bag to keep everything in, and told him it’s easier to carry it over the shoulder. joe replied, “i’ve lost enough of my manhood tonight. i am *not* carrying that over my shoulder.” heheeh.

$47 later, i have enough shower gel to last for probably a year. there were so many new scents (well, new to me, that is), that i just had to try them: strawberry banana (who *doesn’t* want to smell like a starburst?!), sweet cinnamon pumpkin and peach nectar. mmmm.

now, the problem is deciding which shower gel to use every day! joe says this means even less of our scarce hot water.

back to basics

it felt like joe and i were on our first date last weekend. we sat on one side of a booth at mellow mushroom, munching on pretzels and firing questions at each other.

“when did you realize you wanted to be a writer?”

“if you could live anywhere, where would it be?”

it was nice to be able to get to know each other more and just spend a fun, relaxing afternoon together. after lunch we walked around downtown douglasville (to work off all that mellow mushroom food!) before heading back to his parents’ house to nap. 🙂 we had traveled to douglasville to pick up their dogs from the kennel since they were on their way back from their alaskan cruise. it turned out we spent the night there because his parents got stuck. their flight from seattle was postponed because the co-pilot’s seat broke. it took them several hours to finally get on a flight stopping in memphis, where they had to spend the night before returning to atlanta. it was reminiscent of our trip to new york, which we’ve affectionately named the trip from hell. 🙂

then it was off to the shakespeare tavern in downtown atlanta. neither of us had been there before, and we plan to go again. the theater was built to resemble the globe theater, and the performance of “the fantasticks” was, well, fantastic. heh. the singing was incredible and the actors were hilarious. we sat in the back, and still had fabulous seats. next time, we plan on seeing a shakespeare play.

as we left, i noticed that right next door was an adult store. i laughed at the irony. you can get your culture and then get your unculture. hehe.