professionalism, or lack thereof

the manager of our apartment complex hung up on joe today. he called *again* this morning after not hearing back from the maintenance supervisor yesterday, and she hung up on him. that is not just impolite, but it’s unprofessional. why are we living here again?

on a brighter note, our a/c is fixed. apparantly ants had gotten into the unit and had carmalized (pleasant thought, i know), which caused the unit to not run. nice.

enough is enough

aj decided today that he’d had enough of his cone. so, he popped it off in a span of about 10 minutes. it was kind of surprising because i thought it was tied on pretty tight. his incision seems to be doing well. we tried to take it off thursday night, but the bottom of his incision started to bleed (because aj can’t not wrestle and run and jump and play), so back on it went. but i guess today was d-day. it’s good to know who calls the shots around here (read: cats)!

it is about 65 degrees outside today and about 80 in our apartment. our air conditioner is shot. we could tell it was going for a few weeks because it wasn’t cooling, and repeated calls to management went unanswered. i was nervous about leaving the cats alone last night when we went to joe’s parents’ to dog sit (we’ll leave that for another post) because it was so hot in here yesterday, but it’s gotten worse today. joe’s called the maintenance man several times, but he refuses to call us back. tomorrow he’s calling the owners. this has got to stop. we shouldn’t have to live like this when we’re paying our rent. and, our electric bill has increased tremendously because the unit is working so hard to *not* cool this place. sigh. and now i’m off to sit in front of the fan because i can’t stand to be in the computer room any more.