a post *not* about the wedding

i bet you guys can’t wait for the wedding to be over. hehe. then you won’t have to hear about it anymore!

i was a few minutes late for a meeting i covered last night. the road leading to city hall was dug up for construction and barricaded, and i couldn’t find the detour. when i arrived, i walked quickly to the front to get an agenda and sit in the front row. as i was about to pass the first row of chairs, my skirt got snagged on a hook sticking out from the side, and it got pulled partially down.

i could feel the blood rushing up to my face as i wrestled with unhooking my skirt while also trying to pull it back up. it took only about a minute or so — definitely the *longest* minute of my life — and i abruptly sat down and lowered my head. it happened to be a full house, and i wasn’t about to look toward the back. i could see all the council members staring at me. or maybe i was just being paranoid.

now i know what *not* to wear the next time i cover that council meeting.

security update

ahahahahaah…dave wants associates! that’s awesome!


when we left the wedding chapel last sunday, a family had arrived for that evening’s wedding — an hour and a half early — wanting to see the bride.

i do *not* want anyone outside the wedding party and my parents seeing me before the ceremony. i think it takes away from the buildup of seeing the bride as she walks down the aisle. so, i have come up with a solution. i am going to ask my friend dave “the buddha” leonard to stand outside the bridal room door and block anyone from coming in. picture a big sri lankan with his arms crossed. i think it would work. it would make me think twice!