a moe’s restaurant just opened in cartersville. i love moe’s. this means i will get fat. 🙂

a month of weddings

today, my younger brother is getting married. it seems like just yesterday i was reading to the twins at our home in maryland and our weekend home in virginia, and now he’s following my lead in choosing who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. at first i was a little upset that he would just “decide” to get married two weeks after my wedding. i felt like he was stealing my thunder, that he could have waited a little longer. maybe i still feel that way a little, but i am happy for him. ryan really loves oriona, and i have seen a change in their demeanors since they announced their intentions. last sabbath at lunch, oriona really seemed to glow and be more relaxed. i wish she’d talk to me a little more, but maybe that’ll come in time. i think she’s just as shy as i am.

i know how much they love each other, and if this is what they feel they need and want to do, then i’ll support them. ryan and oriona, i wish you guys the best of luck, and i hope you remain as happy as you are now. i love you guys.

i love parties

we’re throwing a party this weekend. it’s our “the office” party in honor of the release last week of season 2 of that hilarious show. i’m excited. we’re going to decorate the apartment with paper products and have a great time watching season 2. i love throwing parties. i love having people over and playing hostess. i can’t wait to throw my first dinner party!

in other news, i’m *still* working on editing our honeymoon pictures. we just took too many! hopefully i’ll finish them this weekend and finally let you all see and hear what happened. bet you all can’t wait, huh??


it is so nice to be up and around again. i was in bed all day yesterday with a *terrible* sinus migraine. i had to leave a meeting i was covering monday night early because i was starting to feel really sick, and yesterday morning it hit me full force. it was excrutiating when i was laying down, and getting up made it worse, so my trips out of bed were few and far between. i slept most of the day because, thankfully, it didn’t hurt when i wasn’t awake. hehe. joe came home with a card from him and the cats. awww. what a sweet hubby!

so now i have a lot to catch up on today. i have a bunch of errands to run, including getting my new driver’s license (i keep forgetting the dds is closed on mondays), before i roll into work late this afternoon and gear up for my late meeting that will, with 20 agenda items, inevitably run very, very long. and of course, it would fall on the night that the biggest loser starts. man, i am such a reality tv addict. hehe. have a good one!

monday, monday

we had a busy but fun weekend. we had a really nice visit with my parents and grandparents on saturday, and we had fun last night with joe’s family too. his sister, rachel, surprised us by framing some of our wedding pictures. she picked some really good ones, and i can’t wait for joe to hang it up. maybe he’ll do that tonight while i’m working (hint hint!). 🙂

joe’s parents gave us a beautiful wood wine bottle holder with cork from turning leaf wood art with our names and wedding date carved on it. the turning leaf is a fabulous store in downtown blue ridge, ga. with all sorts of baskets and wood carvings. they are absolutely gorgeous. rachel got a wine bottle holder for her wedding, so i was hoping we’d get one too.

now, i’m off to get my new driver’s license, change my name on my accounts at the bank and apply for my new social security card. there is so much to do after you get married! i also need to find a birthday present for joe. i had an idea in mind, but i think i’m going to get that for him for hanukkah. it’s always harder to buy presents for men. women are so much easier. wish me luck!

busy, busy, busy

what a weekend. yesterday, we had our kiwanis club’s annual kiddie day parade in downtown cartersville. then we headed up to tennessee to my parents’ house for lunch with my brother’s soon-to-be in-laws. after lunch, some of the kids went boating on the lake in the backyard, and i got a chance to talk with my parents and grandmother, which was nice.

we left there around 5:30 p.m. and, after arriving in cartersville, headed straight to the movie theater to see pirates of the carribbean 2. i liked the first one better. this one had some scenes that really made no sense, and the ending was stretched out.

today, we’re off to kennesaw to get our marriage certificate (it finally came!) and ketubah framed. yay! we also need to buy joe’s dad a birthday present. then we’re going to crate and barrel to return some presents (they just *had* to discontinue the pretty dishes i registered for), and then it’s off to joe’s parents for a cookout to celebrate his dad’s birthday. fun times.