cute cats

this is what joe came home to find today. we still have no idea how they continued to cuddle while he was taking pictures. they never do that. they always come to us when we’re trying to take pictures. this is about as cute as they come.

awwww…aj and dizzy love each other! seriously, these are the cutest cat pictures ever!

playing catch up

i have so much to do, i don’t even know where to begin. i really could have used the rest of the week off work to catch up from the trip. i have lots of laundry to fold, pictures from the honeymoon to edit, and the whole apartment to straighten up and clean. i’ve done most of my thank you notes, and joe is finishing the rest for me. he’s such a good help. last night he cleaned the kitchen for me, and he promised to do the bathroom (one of the chores i *hate*). good husband!

speaking of joe, it’s taken me a while to get used to calling him my husband and hearing him referred to as such. after we arrived at our hotel after the wedding, the front desk clerk called to tell me my husband had dropped his tux tie in the parking lot. i almost corrected him and called joe my fiance. i’m getting more and more used to this change slowly but surely.

i’m also still getting used to having a new name. when i go on the air at 5 p.m., i conciously have to make sure i say “schulman” instead of my maiden name. yesterday, i caught myself typing my maiden name on several of my stories. i had that name for 26 years, so i’m sure it’ll take me more than 12 days to get used to a new one.

there was a girl on our plane heading back to atlanta who was reading a bridal magazine with her fiance. joe and i both saw them, and it made me kind of wistful. i really enjoyed being a bride and planning my wedding, and now that’s over. don’t get me wrong, i love being married. i just miss the planning and anticipation.

and now, my laundry is calling to me.

our wedding story

my wedding day was everything i had ever imagined it to be. as my mother helped me into my dress, the reality of what was about to happen set in. but it wasn’t until i saw my father that i really began to get emotional. i posed for numerous portraits before the ceremony, and as i was looking out the chapel window, i saw my dad dressed in his tuxedo out of the corner of my eye, and tears began to trickle down my face. my photographer snapped away, trying to get the tears and capture the emotion. when i posed in the front of the chapel, my dad came over to give me a hug quickly and tell me that he loves me, and i could hear the camera snapping away as we hugged and i cried.

from what i’ve been told, the wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfect. i don’t remember much. i remember hearing the string quartet play familiar classical pieces — my favorites — that i had chosen.

i remember sobbing as my dad walked me down the aisle, then kissed my cheek as he handed me over to joe, who whispered, “i’ll take care of her.”

i remember how handsome and sexy my husband looked.

i remember my two grandfathers giving their heartfelt homilies.

i remember making it through the first sentence of the vows i had written, then breaking down into tears, unable to finish.

i remember joe and i squeezing each other’s hands three times — to say “i love you” — often during the ceremony. it’s a gesture we’ve done throughout our relationship when we aren’t able to speak to each other.

i remember how emotional i felt as joe and i were alone on the dance floor for the first dance.

i remember my grandfather telling me he had never seen me look more beautiful or radiant.

i remember my parents, in teary voices, telling me how proud and happy they are for me.

i remember almost being dumped off my chair as my brothers and two other men held me up during the chair dance.

i remember my throw-away bouquet flying straight toward my 13-year-old niece right after my brother-in-law shouted, “don’t throw it to her!”

i remember trying to aim the bouquet for my best friend, julisa.

i remember the drive around chattanooga in our limo, and crying as i read a letter my dad had written to me.

i remember the love i felt, and will always feel, for my husband.

i didn’t see some of my wedding ceremony, but from what i’ve heard, it went perfectly and flawlessly. i remember telling joe it was the wedding of my dreams.

greetings from boston

hello to all of you *not* on vacation. hehe. 🙂

joe’s checking out a few things online at the business center here at our hotel, so i get a few minutes to blog. woo.

we just got back from whale watching. actually, it was more like whale *hoping*. every time there was a whale sighting it was on the *other* side of the boat from us. we have that kind of luck. i’d run over there and get caught behind a crowd of people, unable to see a thing.

we’re having a fantastic time here. i’ll tell you all about it upon our return on monday. i’ll also have pictures from the wedding and honeymoon to share. the bulk of our wedding pictures, though, will be from the cd we’re getting from the photographer. hopefully we’ll have that this week or next. he said he’d only need a week or two. thank you all for your wedding comments. they were all so nice! i must say, i felt like a princess that day.

last night, my brother called me to let me know he had booked a 4:30 p.m. slot at a wedding chapel in pigeon forge for today. he wanted to make sure i was ok with not being there. that’s a lot to spring on a person when she’s on her honeymoon *and* with several other people about to leave for dinner. it was an immature decision and, really, doesn’t it defeat the purpose to let people know you’re eloping? fortunately, the wedding isn’t happening today. he and his now-fiancee forgot they need a marriage license, so they’re going to wait 2-4 weeks. man. talk about taking away *my* thunder!!

and now i shall run. bye for now!

mr. and mrs. schulman

we’re hitched!

the wedding was absolutely perfect. i’ll post about it later, but the wedding planner said it was the most beautiful wedding she’s ever done. it’s still so weird to know that i’m married. my ring is gorgeous. it’s white gold with a 1/2 carat of diamonds. here are some pictures to whet your appetite.