it’s halloween!

joe left me a really sweet surprise today. i woke up to find this on our dining room table.

awww…he says part 2 is coming tonight.

yesterday, i gave him a halloween present.

today is the downtown trick-or-treating event, and i’ll be going to help our kiwanis club for a little while at our booth. tonight, brandon and emma are coming over for dinner and gilmore girls. i’m making my tomato basil pasta tonight since i ended making chili for the potluck party. yum.

halloween memories

i love halloween. i love being able to dress up (or not dress up!) and hand out candy to the costumed children. over the last couple of days i’ve been thinking about past halloweens. one of my favorite memories is as a child. we had a weekend house in virginia, and one year all of the residents decided to do a progressive halloween party. my mom made crayon costumes for me and my two neighborhood best friends, sisters rachel and becky, and we all headed out. and let me tell you, we three young girls looked adorable. 🙂 we all had fun going from house to house, munching on snacks and visiting. one couple forgot about the party and had company over, so when we arrived they scrambled to find something to give us kids.

fast forward to high school. i have so many memories of halloween parties and getting together with friends to go trick-or-treating. yes, we may have been too old, but we were having fun.

now i’m creating new memories with my husband and, someday (hopefully soon!) our children.

happy halloween!

the biggest loser: atlanta — week 1

i’m down 2 pounds. woo hoo! i really didn’t think i’d lose that much because i busted my knee pretty bad this week, so i haven’t been able to work out. surely i can lose close to 8 pounds by thanksgiving!

obsessed cat

this video is hilarious. i’m going to have to figure out how we can train our cats to do it.

cat has a toilet flushing obsession

it’s a girl!

it’s not me…yet. our friends mike and suze are having a girl! now, mike has been set on naming the baby genghis. his reasoning is quite interesting and humorous. however, now that they know the baby is a girl, genghis simply won’t work. i was happy that suze is in the clear, but joe assured me that he and mike came up with a backup: gengha. yes. you heard me correctly. *shakes head* poor suze. 🙂 i have this feeling, though, that mike will not get his choice for the baby’s name. hehe. check out their pregnancy blog here. it’s very entertaining.

so, congrats mike and suze! i’ve only met them once, but i can already tell they’re going to be terrific parents.

in honor of pasta day

i have been craving cheeseless tortellini lately. i haven’t had it since college (man, i miss pasta day, which happens to be today), but for some reason i’ve been really wanting some. however, i’ve had quite a time finding it. none of the stores here, including the health food store, sell it. today, joe called harry’s farmers market and found it! they have mushroom-filled tortellini with and without cheese. yay! i’ve never been to harry’s, but i’ve been wanting to go. i will have to make a trip there sometime. joe will be stopping by tonight, though, to pick up my tortellini for dinner. while i was at the store getting the ingredients for the pasta i’m making for the potluck halloween party, i picked up veggies to make a nice salad to go with the tortellini. i’m getting hungry just thinking about it! hehe. maybe joe can see if they have cheeseless ravioli too…