on saturday, we’re going to a potluck halloween party. one of the teachers at joe’s school is hosting it, so it will be fun getting to meet more of his coworkers. i think i’m going to make my creamy basil and tomato pasta, although i guess if i make it without the cream cheese it isn’t creamy. 🙂 this is such a quick and easy dish, and it’s so good. it’s a nice, light pasta and is much healthier. yum.

medicine troubles

i was supposed to take my enbrel injection on monday. it’s wednesday, and my refill still hasn’t arrived at my pharmacy. this time, i’m not having problems with my insurance company. surprising, huh? apparantly, my pharmacy cannot get my from its wholesaler because it isn’t stocked anymore. that means they have to order from the manufacturer, which, i guess, takes a long time. it also means those of us who need the enbrel have to endure the pain until our shots come in. the employees at the pharmacy have been really helpful about this. last night, they offered to call pharmacies all over the state to try to find it. i got a call this morning informing me that they were able to find it in stock at another pharmacy here in town. yay. i must say, i’ve never looked this forward to sticking a needle in my skin. 🙂

tv time

i was lucky enough to snag the tv remote when i got home from work last night. joe was watching an atlanta thrashers game and, since hockey really isn’t at the top of my list of much-watch television, i switched the channel to abc to see if the bachelor was starting.

that threw joe into a frenzy. apparantly, i changed the channel right as one of the thrashers players was about to shoot a goal. “are you crazy?” joe asked. “what are you doing?”

i turned it back and, lucky for me, he hadn’t scored. they did, though, score before the bachelor began.

“it’s only a game,” i said.

the look i received from my husband was one i’ve never seen before. and then came the lecture. “don’t you ever say that again. it’s *not* just a game. how can you even think that?”

because to me it is. i can watch a game and if my team loses, shrug and say, “they’ll win it next time.” for joe, sports is life. if his team loses, he will be in a bad mood for a while.

so now i’ve learned not what to say when joe is watching sports. but that doesn’t mean i’ll stop doing it.

the biggest loser: atlanta

i’ve been feeling very frumpy lately and really want to lose 20 pounds. it’s just hard to get motivated. yesterday, my fil told me he wants to lose some weight too but is having the same motivational problems that i am. our solution? we’re doing our own “biggest loser” contest. the goal is to lose the most weight between now and thanksgiving. if i can lose five pounds by then, i’ll be happy. after that, i’ll just have to keep going.

my plan is to send my fil really yummy recipes every day and mail him a bag of candy. joe also suggested calling him from work (so he won’t recognize the number) and say, “mmmm…candy…” hehe.

wish me luck!

this is the headache that never ends

i must say, i am ready for allergy season to hit the road. i’m tired of not being able to breath at night, i’m tired of sniffing all day long and i’m incredibly tired of these awful sinus headaches. normally, i get one sinus infection a year, which usually occurs in the winter. so far, i’ve had about three sinus headaches. the biggest problem is that they feel exactly like a sinus infection, so it’s a waiting game to see if the sinus headache medicine kicks in.

speaking of medicine, i found that sudafed sinus headache works pretty well … eventually, that is. i started taking it last night, and i’m still waiting for some relief for my throbbing head. i figure if it hasn’t gone away by monday i’ll call the doctor to check for an infection. yay. more money i don’t want to spend. have you all been hit hard by allergies too?

cool illusion

this is pretty darn cool. you must try it. let me know what you think!