my story turned out well, very well in fact. i was really happy with it, and i think my editor liked it as well. she said i did a great job, and i haven’t heard anything else, so i think that’s good. yay.

so now i can officially say that i’m a freelancer. i hope i start getting more assignments. i’ve really missed this kind of writing.

talky, talky

apparantly i am quite the talker — whether i’m awake or not.

it seems like every morning joe is laughing about some crazy thing i said while i was sleeping. my husband isn’t as considerate as other husbands, though. other husbands would laugh and then go back to sleep. not joe. he engages in coversation with me while i’m sleeping.

this is how it went one night:

me: “did you try the ragu?”

joe: “what ragu?”

me: *grumbles*

joe: “i tried it. it was very good. thank you.”

me: “you’re welcome.”

then there was this one:

me: “did you pick up the stuff for thanksgiving from quik trip?”

joe: “yes.”

me: “thank you.”

joe thinks that conversing with me is much more fun then just laughing at what i say and letting it go. i think it’s kind of mean.

sometimes he does go without talking back to me. i actually knew i was talking last night. it’s kind of funny because in my head i was thinking that if i just stopped talking he wouldn’t hear me or remember it. i said, “did you put that stuff in your purse?” hahaha.

ok. i’ve spilled my embarrassing stories. now it’s your turn: what have you been told you say in your sleep??

breathing deeply

it is so nice to *finally* be able to breathe again. thank you for all your get well wishes. i finally started feeling better yesterday, but i still have a couple days left of the antibiotic. woo.

today is my last day of work for the week. yay! since i worked thanksgiving and the day after i get tomorrow and friday off. tomorrow i’m going to do a heavy-duty cleaning of the apartment (at least that’s the plan right now), work out and make my hubby a big dinner. yum. on friday, i’m meeting him in atlanta for lunch, and then i’m going to the oneg at his school, which is the friday afternoon assembly.

tonight, joe is bringing our christmas decorations from the storage unit so we can begin decorating. yay! i *love* this time of year. i can’t wait to get our christmas tree. what i *can* wait for, however, is the number of ornaments the cats will knock off and break. it’s like a game to them. silly cats.

writing nerves

i’m turning in my first freelancing assignment this morning, and i’m kind of nervous. it’s not that i don’t think i’m a good writer, but this is for a publication in atlanta, which is the biggest market i’ve ever written for, and i really want the editor to like this piece. it would be really nice to get some regular assignments. i got the assignment monday, but the short timeframe isn’t a big deal. it’s a pretty easy story regarding the frequency of fires in the winter. luckily, the public information officers at the fire departments i talked to were quite talkative. i love people like that, people who just start going when you ask one question. it makes my job much easier. 🙂

writing this story has really made me realize how much i miss newspaper writing. i miss being able to write long pieces. i miss being able to come up with creative feature leads. and, i realized a few minutes into my first interview that i wasn’t taking notes. i’ve become so used to recording all my interviews, i slightly panicked trying to get my quotes down. hehe. it’s been too long.

since my deadline is today, i think my story will run sunday. i’ll post a link, and you guys can tell me what you think! i think it turned out really well though. i think it’s a good, solid piece. yay!

the flu rages on

i’m so sick of being sick. today i’ve had the most horrible, pounding sinus headache and nausea. i had to go into work this morning, but since then have been curled up in bed watching big love, which we rented from blockbuster. that’s actually a pretty good show.

joe headed up to blue ridge to see his family yesterday. i’m glad he got a chance to see them, but it sucked that i was stuck here. his mom sent us a lot of leftovers, including this incredible pumpkin bread that her cousin terri made and some yummy mint brownies. mmmm. 🙂

thanksgiving day was a lot of fun. we arrived at my parents’ around 11:30 and helped my mom with the last minute preparations. she made a lot of the food the night before, so it wasn’t as rushed this year. thanksgiving and christmas dinners are the two meals i look forward to every year. we have the same thing, but that’s ok because it is so yummy.

we had vegetarian turkey slices with stuffing.

wild rice with fri chick (another vegetarian meat).

my mom cooked a turkey breast for joe. i told him he should be worried about a vegetarian cooking a turkey. but it turned out very well. i even had a bite, and it was yummy. apparantly, this is the first time joe carved a turkey. i wish he had told me that while he was doing it so i could take a picture.

black friday

my plans today were to hit parisian to get a pair of boots on sale and then head to the cabin to spend time with joe’s family.

instead, i’m at home with the flu. yes, i am sick on thanksgiving weekend. i noticed i was more congested than usual yesterday while we were at my parents’ house, but just figured my allergies were going crazy. however, after we arrived home last night, i started feeling really bad. i was achy all over and had chills. my doctor confirmed it today. he said my heart was racing, which means i probably have a fever but the thermometer isn’t picking it up.

i feel bad that we’re stuck here, but i don’t want to get joe’s family sick. hopefully the antibiotic my doctor prescribed will kick in quickly and we’ll be able to go up tomorrow. i will tell more about our thanksgiving later, including the *yummy* desserts i made. i hope you all are having a better holiday than i am!