to surprise or not surprise?

joe and i have decided we’re going to start trying to have a baby in june and, subsequently, have been talking about different ways to tell our parents when i get pregnant. it’s a lot of fun thinking of different ways to do that. last night, i told him i also need to think of a way to tell him. he says he doesn’t want me to surprise him and wants to be there when i take the home pregnancy test. i think it would be nice to have joe there when i find out, but it also would be fun to think of a way to surprise him with the news.

so here’s my question for you. did you or do you want to surprise your husband? if so, how did you or do you want to?

2 years

two years ago today, joe and i went on our first date. i still remember every detail about that night. i remember what i was wearing. i remember how nervous i felt when joe arrived to pick me up. i remember wondering if he was going to hold my hand while we watched Bridget Jones’ diary 2. i remember having a fun dinner at chilis with our friend stacey and her then-boyfriend. and i remember relaxing back at my place and talking.

two years later, i still love every minute with my husband. i knew from our first date that i was going to marry him, and every day with him is better than the last. i can’t wait to experience everything with him and grow old with him. i love you, joe.


we celebrated our anniversary over the weekend. we had dinner at olive garden, and joe surprised me with the game “deal or what?”, a spin-off of deal or no deal.

joe looked hilarious with his soulpatch to resemble howie mandel. he also enjoyed doing the “after the break” point that howie tends to do.

the board was filled with many great “prizes” and a couple of not-so-good ones, like watching football. i, however, suck at this game. i picked off most of the prizes on the right side of the board which, if you watch the show on television, you know are the best ones. joe had made 20 “briefcases” with a prize written on each one.

even though i did terribly, the banker still offered me what i wanted: a new purse.

so on december 1 we’re headed to dawsonville to shop at the coach outlet. woo hoo! i love anniversaries. 🙂

the birthday celebration

i had so much fun planning our family party for my dad’s birthday. he knew we were celebrating, but he didn’t know to what extent.

i decided i wanted to do everything. joe and i hit the party store and bought lots of decorations and gag gifts, such as an old timer hat, a chicken that had “you’re no spring chicken” written on it, a 60 pin and an old timer driving kit. we had a banner, streamers and signs that one of my brothers helped us hang at my grandparents’ house.

i also made dinner for the family. i made the tomato and basil pasta that i love because my family has never had it. i also made homemade macaroni and cheese, regular pasta, cooked corn and brussel sprouts, and made a german chocolate cake. i had never made macaroni and cheese before — i’ve never needed to since i don’t eat cheese — so i’m glad it turned out so well. everyone thought the dinner was delicious.

there is a funny story that goes along with the cake. i had the two cakes covered with dish towels while they cooled so the cats wouldn’t get into them. i went home from work on friday to check on them, and after pulling the towel off the first saw two large paw prints in the middle of the cake. someone (a.k.a. dizzy) decided it would be fun to walk on the cake. it was hilarious. our cats always have to get into something. my family thought it was hilarious too. my parents have six cats and six dogs, so they’re used to animals getting into things.

for his present, i made my dad a mini scrapbook titled “60 things about my dad.” he loved it, as i knew he would. i just hope i made his birthday a little bit more special.

the holidays

i’m glad i started my holiday shopping early.

i bought what i thought was a pretty cool present for my mom. i found this family star ornament that had a big star with the family name and smaller stars with all of our names dangling from it.

however, when it arrived it wasn’t what i had in mind. in fact, it was crap. our family name was not possessive, and all the names were handwritten with a sharpie. most of our names were off center. i could have done a better job myself.

i’m going to try to return it tomorrow. they better take it back, because i cannot give my mom a present that looks that bad.

dad’s birthday

happy 60th birthday dad!

i threw him a birthday party for the family today. more will be coming later, as i’ve been up since 6:30 and have to be up at 5:30 tomorrow. blah.


for the last two months, my right front tire has been going flat. every time we put air in it, it would leak out. i took it to firestone about a month ago to have it looked at. they said they couldn’t find anything, and that someone probably had loosened the cap and the air was leaking out.

last weekend, we noticed my tire was going flat again. so, back we went to firestone. the man who took my information wasn’t the friendliest. “we’ve already looked at it and didn’t find anything, but we’ll look at it again.”

my thinking was that if the tire continuously loses air something *must* be wrong with it. tires normally don’t do that. apparantly they didn’t agree with that.

a few hours later we called about my car since we hadn’t heard back from them. “we put more air in it and we found that the valve is leaking, so we put on a new valve.”

imagine that. there *was* something wrong with it. again, tires don’t lose air just for the fun of it. so now my tires should be good to go. the best part was that it didn’t cost me anything. 🙂