holiday pictures

we tried to take our holiday pictures tonight. the cats had a hard time cooperating. it’s a lot harder than you would think to get three cats in a picture with us. we did our best and ended up having to photoshop julius in. i think it looks ok though, don’t you?

we also took some pictures of me and joe, our backup picture for cards if the one with the cats didn’t work out.

joe also took one of me and aj. too bad aj wasn’t quite looking at the camera.

i bought a couple of my presents already (joe’s big present and my mom’s present). i’m hoping to get the others in the next week or so. it’ll be nice to have everything done early. it’ll be the first time that’s happened!

tis the season

i love this time of year. last night, we went grocery shopping and stopped by pier 1 because i saw that one word that makes joe cringe: sale! i got a couple candles, a dish to put them on and a bag of rocks to put around them. the candles are cranberry cinnamon and they smell fantastic! i told joe it’s going to be hard to choose now between those and my pumpkin scents. it was so cozy with the candles and a fire last night.

i finally completed my christmas card list. i love sending out christmas cards. i can’t wait to order them. and if any of you would like to be added to my list, just let me know!

message from the future

i love the office. the writing and acting is fantastic, and the show is absolutely hilarious. last night opened with jim sending a fax. he took some of dwight’s letterhead when he left the scranton branch of dundler mifflin, and says that every now and then he sends dwight messages from the future. the newest message: don’t drink the coffee. it has been poisoned. you’ll thank me later. from the future. dwight.

dwight reads the fax, looks over toward the breakroom and see stanley holding a mug of coffee. he sprints across the room, screaming, “stanley, don’t!” and knocks the mug over. “you’ll thank me later.” dwight says.

 today i got a text message from the future. “hug your husband tonight. you’ll thank me later. future. cady. hmmmmm.

 what shows do you all like?

new blogging gig

i now am a blogger at the blogger news network. i’m really excited about the chance to discuss current events in a forum where so many people visit. there are some great posts on that site, so head over there and check it out! and make sure you read and comment on my posts!