we had a fantastic christmas. joe and i headed up to my parents’ house for christmas eve for our traditional chow mein dinner. i took the peppermint cake i made, and everyone just had to try it, even though it was meant for christmas day. it was delicious, if i do say so myself. 🙂 i put a little bit of peppermint extract in the batter as well as the frosting, so it tasted really good.

after dinner, we opened presents. my parents got me a digital picture frame, which is really cool. you can download the pictures from the cameras memory card onto the frame, which is much more handy then having to leave the memory card in it. my parents also gave me a little digital video camera. it’s really cool. it’s small enough to fit in my purse and has a built-in usb port that pops right out to hook up to the computer. we really wanted a video camera, so this was awesome. it holds 30 minutes at a time, but it’s perfect for what we need right now. we’re going to get a nicer one once we start our family.

on christmas day, joe’s parents came up for dinner. it was really nice, and our parents get along really well, so everyone had a lot of fun. it also was nice for joe’s parents to meet my grandparents. they didn’t get a chance to actually meet at the wedding. hehe.

after dinner we all sat around and talked for several hours. joe’s parents had to head back and forgo our movie tradition, and joe and i skipped out too since it was already 5 p.m. and i still had to go to work once we got back to cartersville.

this week, joe and i are both off work. we don’t go back until next wednesday, which is really nice. today we used the gift cards we got in our stockings and had lunch at cracker barrel and then went shopping at walmart to pick up some things we needed for the apartment. our plan now is to relax and get ready for our new year’s eve party. the other highlight of the week is friday when joe is picking up my parents’ china cabinet. yay. i finally will have a place to put my dishes. our kitchen is tiny, and there isn’t enough cabinet space for dishes and glasses. i don’t even have cabinet space for food. i have a tiny little pantry for that, and there isn’t even enough room in there since i also have to use it to store baking dishes. blah. so the china cabinet may make my dining room a little more cramped, but it will be very, very welcome.

another wedding in the future

my friend julisa is engaged! her fiance proposed last night, and she called me afterward to tell me, but i missed her call because we were opening presents. when i saw that she had called i figured i’d call her after christmas because i didn’t want to bother her while she was with bill. hehe. i am *so* excited for her! and, i am a bridesmaid! yay!

i will post more about christmas later, but i hope you all had a happy and wonderful holiday!

christmas eve eve

it’s two days before christmas and it’s warm enough to go outside without a coat. it’s been that warm for the last week or so. what’s wrong with this picture?

we won’t forget

hearing the song “be thou my vision” brings mixed emotions for me. it’s one of my favorites and it’s really pretty. it also was the theme song of our church’s conference convention where i last saw most of the former conference officers alive.

on dec. 2, 2004, our georgia cumberland conference president, vice president for administration, assistant to the president and communication director were killed when the conference’s twin engine Cessna 421 crashed because of engine failure just outside collegedale, tenn. the plane’s pilot also died. it actually crashed about a mile from my parents’ house. my mom called me while i was at work in dalton because she had seen it. right after that, we heard that it was our conference’s plane.

i was one of two adventists working in the newsroom at the daily citizen, and he and i were on the phone all afternoon trying to find out additional details. at first, all we heard was that our president and vice president were on board and had been killed. i was sad because our president was so charismatic and outgoing. he loved god, and he loved the seventh-day adventist church. they all did.

my first thought, though, was if jamie was on the plane. jamie was our communication director and, as a graduate of the school of journalism and communication at southern adventist university, i knew him pretty well. we weren’t “friends”, but we saw each other fairly often at events and always chatted.

that afternoon, we found out that jamie had been on the plane and hadn’t made it. the only person who survived was the co-pilot, who was hospitalized but released the next day.

some may wonder why, after two years, i still get sad when i hear a song or think about our officers. i may not have been close friends, but i knew them and attended college with one of them. they were part of our seventh-day adventist family. they were our leaders. they loved their church and its members, and they died on their way to church meetings in knoxville. they died serving god. none of the 29,000 members of our church will ever forget what happened. it’s a tragedy that i think brought us all together even more as a church.

more pictures

my friend julisa emailed me some of the pictures she took at the wedding. i’m so excited, because i really want these to do a page on my best friends: her and penny. the pictures are pretty cute too.

here is me and julisa, one of my bridesmaids.

and me and penny, my best friend from high school. i have another best friend from high school, but she wasn’t able to make it.

the cards keep coming

i think it’s funny how right after i wrote my christmas card post we started getting cards like there’s no tomorrow. we’re getting about 4-5 a day, which is pretty cool. i think most people sent them after receiving ours (considering they mention how cute our cats are), but that’s ok. they’re not used to us being married yet. 🙂

one of my uncle’s (actually, my dad’s uncle, but we call him uncle anyway) sent us our belated wedding present with our card: a gift card to kohls. yay. how did he know i love that store? and even though it’s for both of us, i’m sure you can guess who will be using it. i mean, really, what does kohls have that joe would really like? this is the best time to receive it too because of all the wonderful sales. i think i will get my much-needed new pair of boots.