night out with the girls

girl’s night was so much fun. i met up with my two best friends from high school, and we had a blast. we spent so much time talking we hardly ate. hehe. it was like old times, and it really made me realize how much i miss my friends. i’m only an hour or so away from them, but that’s still a long way to drive to hang out.

it was kind of weird being one of the “married friends” now. i’m so used to being the friend with the “married friends”. hehe. it was a lot of fun, but it was so nice to come home to my husband. we spend pretty much every night together, but the last two nights one of us has been out. it made me realize how much i love being around him.

penny gave us a christmas present, which was unexpected but very nice. she gave us a beautiful vase filled with m&ms. i said, “i love the vase, and joe will love the m&ms.” how well she knows my husband. 🙂


i was in a meeting until 9 p.m. on monday, after a 2 1/2 hour executive session, and i was starving. i really didn’t want to wait to cook anything, and i really wasn’t in the mood to cook anyway. so, we ordered pizza. now, we love cicis pizza (yes, you may mock me). we think it’s really good, and it’s cheaper than pizza hut. i was in the mood for a salad, too, so joe ordered and headed out to pick it up.

the restaurant closes at 10, but the buffet closes at 9, and it was being packed up when joe arrived. the manager, who knows us pretty well, came out with the pizza and told joe it was on the house. awesome. it doesn’t get any better than free pizza. 🙂

welcome…again :)

i think i have reached my final destination. sorry for all the moving, but i’ll be staying put for a while now. 🙂

i’m still trying to figure out how to import my posts from my old wordpress blog, and for some reason the sidebar appears lower on internet explorer. if anyone has any suggestions for either of those, please let me know!

girl’s night!

tomorrow night, i’m going out with the girls. my friends, penny and christi, are coming down to go out for christi’s birthday since i have a meeting to cover tomorrow night. i’m so excited. it’s been a while since i’ve gone out with friends, mainly because my friends live about an hour away. woo hoo. i can’t wait!

our holiday card

we’ve gotten *so* many compliments on our holiday card! everyone seems to just *love* it because of the three adorable cats (not so much the people). i think it turned out really well. i was pretty happy with it.


it’s been a while since i posted because my mother-in-law and sister-in-law gave me scrapbooking goodies for christmas! rachel gave me this gift bag *filled* with everything from paper, stickers, die cuts, etc. my mil gave me a jewish-themed kit, which i really needed because i couldn’t find any paper i liked for my hanukkah pages.

on friday night, joe and i each opened one gift. surprisingly (for him at least), we gave each other the same thing: he got an mp3 player and i got an ipod. i gave him an mp3 player rather than an ipod because he wanted an fm tuner. the one i got is so cool because it’s so small and sleek. he loves it, and i love my ipod. it definitely got some good use last night at the *long* meeting i covered.

from what i hear, santa may be bringing a holster for my stocking. yay. i’ve been mentioning that it would be handy since i like to listen to my ipod now while i’m cleaning or cooking but i wear pajama pants when i’m home.

we had a great time at joe’s parents’ house sunday night for hanukkah. my parents were supposed to come, but my dad got really sick friday night, so my mom came with my brother and his wife. it was fun to have my family there to see everything, and i know they had a lot of fun.


we got some really nice presents, too. joe’s parents gave us a scanner. yay! we were really surprised and excited about it. we were planning on getting one anyway. we also got several more pieces for our china collection from joe’s parents and nana. rachel and dave *loved* the scrapbook i made them. i was really happy about that. rachel said that even ifi it was ugly she would love it, but she thought it was beautiful. everyone did, really. it made me feel really good.

last week, we had our kiwanis club’s christmas party at the local country club. we weren’t able to go last year, and everyone was nice enough to say a wednesday was ok so i could go. i have meetings just about every other night. it was a lot of fun to hang out and talk with everyone. i got to meet some spouses i hadn’t met yet. it’s funny because most of our members are members with their spouses. hehe. it was a really nice time.

this is our last week of work. we’re both off next week. yay! we’re heading up to my parents’ sunday afternoon for christmas. we always go to the christmas eve service at church, and then head home for our traditional chow mein dinner and presents, as well as the reading of the christmas story. on monday, joe’s parents are coming up for christmas dinner and our traditional after dinner movie, which will be a lot of fun. i’m excited for them to share in our traditions now.