a new fan

joe has decided the atlanta braves aren’t enough for him. yes, he is a die-hard fan who will never, ever stop cheering for the braves — whether they win the division title or not — but he has wanted another team to cheer for.

that’s where the kansas city royals come in. joe is the author of a new column for the kansas city star about becoming a new fan. his first column ran in the paper last sunday, and now it will be an online feature on his blog http://royalsfan.blogspot.com. he’s had his blog up for three full days and already has almost 400 hits. it’s amazing how popular it’s become, and it’s interesting to see how wide-spread his audience is. i actually received a phone call today from the pastor who married us, who is a huge royals fan and saw joe’s picture on the kansas city star’s site.

check his blog out if you get a chance. he’s done a really good job with it. the plan is to turn his columns into a book, which i think would sell really well.

christmas music

i found a radio station that plays all christmas music all the time. yay! i am a happy camper now. you can guess what my radio will be tuned to until the end of the year. 🙂

the hair

i finally got the hairagami i bought to work. yay. this is what i ended up with tonight. simple, but elegant, i think. unfortunately, the layers i have don’t really cooperate, but that’s ok. i can live with that. your thoughts?


i’m really not worried at all about the girls who like joe. i think it’s kind of funny actually. but i want to impress all these people. 🙂

my story!

my story ran today. i’m so excited. she really didn’t change anything. i was worried about my lead because i couldn’t decide whether a soft or hard news lead would work better. i went with the soft lead, and apparantly it worked. you can read my story here. what do you all think?

hair problems

tomorrow night, joe and i are going to the dinner of honor his school is hosting. it’s a fancy event, and i got this really pretty dress to wear. the problem is, i have nothing to do with my hair. curls fall out rather quickly because it’s so heavy and i’m just not talented enough to make a bun work. do any of you have any suggestions? i really feel like i need to look really good because all the girls at his school are so pretty (and several of them have crushes on him). help!!